Lamb Of God singer Blythe found NOT guilty of manslaughter

Apparently, back in 2010, Lamb Of God vocalist and front-man Randy Blythe admittedly pushed a 19-year-old kid off stage. Daniel Nosek had apparently hit his head on the way down, hard enough to cause am injury that proved fatal a few weeks later.

Blythe claims he had no idea the kid got hurt, the singer got arrested at the Prague airport in June 2012 when the band returned to the country for another concert. He was prosecuted and then attended a trial in which he was found innocent by judge Tomas Kubec who stated: "We did not find criminal responsibility in the actions of the defendant. We found moral responsibility. There has been the death of a young man who had not been guilty of anything.”

In another statement, judge Kubec went on to blame the concert promoters for not being able to control the crowds from getting on the stage: “We reached the conclusion that there was a serious fault on the side of the promoter and organizer of the concert." Blythe mentioned several other fans had climbed the stage at that concert.

Blythe later posted on Instagram: "I have been found not guilty and acquitted of all charges against me. I am a free man," "Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. I only wish for them peace. Thank you for your support."

However, prosecuting attorneys were furious with the acquittal of the singer, appealing against it, so the Czech High Court will take another look at the case in the near future.

Will the Czech High Court re-open the case? Will Blythe at least compensate in any way for the family? He was encouraged as such by the judge, but that much remains to be seen.

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