Kim Kardashian’s Strange Maternity Style

The reality television star was however not able to pull off the kind of breezy, sexy look that she wanted to do before the camera. Instead, she ended up looking quite strange in it. The fashion police will no doubt tear her apart when they see the kind of garb she had adorned recently. That’s quite strange of Kim, as she has an impeccable sense of style and glamour. However, the television personality seems too eager to look sexy when she does not really have to. Her recent long-flowing gown with a low cleavage made her seem completely out of place at the social event she was attending. No doubt, Kim is going to feel quite embarrassed when she sees her own pictures.

Kim might decide to revise her style once she sees reviews of the clothes she has been wearing. Fashion critics in Hollywood are tearing her apart because of these style blunders.

Kim might take a break soon as she is expected to deliver the baby in July. But we are sure that soon enough, the stylish Kim will return to the television screen and elsewhere. Kim is going to resume her role of being the most stylish American socialite after the delivery.

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Kim Kardashian’s Strange Maternity Style