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Kim Kardashian Talks Baby Names!

Kim Kardashian Talks Baby Names!


Kim Kardashian’s style during pregnancy has been closely scrutinized for some time now. The reality television star has been seen wearing the most outlandish garments, since her pregnancy was announced. But that’s Kim. She always has a way of getting into these things.

Kim was recently seen appearing on the “Tonight Show” hosted by Jay Leno. Kim spoke about her latest movie “Temptation”, and also the kind of names she and Kanye West were contemplating for the baby. The discussion turned out to be quite funny with Leno being at his comic best!


Kanye wants to name his child North, but apparently, Kim is not too fond of this name. She has already made this very clear to West. We are with Kim on this. After all, what kind of a name would “North West” be? She however says that she likes the name “Easton West”, and goes on to add that such a name would be good for her baby. Dressed in a lace and leather outfit, Kim told Jay Leno that she and Kanye had drawn up an entire list of baby names, and were choosing from it.


Kim wants to give her child a catchy name. This is understandable, given the fact that she is Kim Kardashian. She wants her baby to have a racy name so that people can identify the baby with Kim Kardashian. This might come across as a little bizarre. But hey, Kim is a woman who has lived life on the edge. She likes being on the news, whether for the right or the wrong reasons. She would thus naturally want her child to be exposed to the racy aspects of the glamour world. Kim is however not ready to announce the sex of the baby. Kanye has given his partner a lot of support in this. He agrees that the child’s sex should not be divulged.

Kim believes that names of “boys” sometimes suites “girls” too. Just when it seemed that Kim might go into divulging the secret about the sex, she got away and changed the topic. We appreciate this stand and respect their decision. It won’t be long before we get the news anyway. Kim is expected to deliver sometime in July. Kim and her family are busy preparing for the big day. It would certainly be the hottest news in the American social scene.

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