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Kanye West One of the Hottest MC’s on MTV

Kanye West One of the Hottest MC’s on MTV


Kanye West who is a well-known rap artist in the US was ranked as one of the hottest MC’s on MTV. He ranked seventh, falling behind people like Big Sean and Drake. This is rather unfortunate though, given the fact that West, was at one time, an excellent rapper. It was expected that his rankings would have been much higher than seven on a list of top ten. West has a number of successful albums to his credit, which should have really given him a higher rank.

Kanye West when interviewed about who was likely to be the top four rappers, named Lil Wayne as his favorite. Names of the top four rappers as ranked by MTV are yet to be announced. Kanye expressed his disapproval over the manner in which the ranking was done. According to West while Big Sean and Drake definitely deserve the ranks because of their unique sound and the kind of presence they have on television, but he feels that he was judged by some of his albums, which in his view demanded more respect and appreciation.

West spoke about Cruel Summer, an album that is actually a compilation and not really an


album in the true sense. He also says that he is judged more by the kind of perfume that he wears and the clothes that he adorns, rather than his musical talents. Honestly, West has received a lot of criticism lately for not leading the lifestyle of a regular rapper and going all high-end by getting into a relationship with Kim Kardashian and wearing expensive clothes instead of the kind of stuff rappers usually do.

West’s music has not received good reviews lately. His album Cruel Summer, which he really is very proud of, got lukewarm reviews from the music critics. It did not create the kind of impact that West was looking for. West is also under the impression that the remix version of Rihanna’s popular song “Diamonds” should have got him a good rank. He is very proud of this involvement, and thinks that he has done a stellar job here.


The ranks of course prove otherwise. Kanye remains at #7 and will continue to be there unless he makes the kind of music that makes him go down even further. However Kanye West soon turned the topic to something else. He spoke about veejay Sway on MTV and talked about how he had given him his first ever television set. This is something Sway need to remember, he said. Looks like West is getting all touchy-feely over the low rank of his, which is quite understandable, given the fact that he did indeed rule rap music at one time.

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