JWOWW aka Jennifer "Jenni" Farley, Celebrates Her 27th Birthday with 27 different Things

JWOWW or Jennifer "Jenni" Farley can be seen celebrating her twenty seventh birthday with twenty seven amazing things that are there in her life at the moment.

1.    Thanks to the partnership with ABCUTS, JWOWW has some really amazing fabs which she can sport at the moment.

2.    Her engagement ring costs a hundred thousand dollars and can make all the women in tinsel town go green with envy.

3.    Roger, who is her fiancé, is the man whom she has always dreamed about getting hitched too.

4.    She is going to be hosting her bachelorette party in none other than Vegas and is certain to have the time of her life over here.

5.    Lorenzo, her new godson is extremely adorable and is one of the most beautiful babies in the world.

6.    The Shore House is no longer the place where JWOWW is going to have to live again anymore.

8.    Her perfume is characterized by the most amazing aroma and spells really good all the time, adding to her appeal.

9.    The tanning products that JWOWW is in possession of are items which any girl would want to have to look good.

10.    Jersey Shore which has got her all these tanning products in the very first place.

11.    Her trips to Miami and Italy for free thanks to MTV.

12.    The book which has brought out recently, entitled as The Rules according to JWOWW.

13.    Her ability to keep talking to herself.

14.    The frequent feuds that transpire between her and Angelina.

15.    Her dogs Bella and Noelle and the twelve thousand dollars worth dog house in which they live.

16.    The bold pictures of hers on the internet with her showing the victory sign to the camera.

17.    Her cleavage, which is quite voluptuous, makes men all over the world desire her.

18.    Her ability to look gorgeous even when she is walking on crutches and using aids.

19.    The throwback Thursday parties which she keeps throwing on a regular basis.

20.    Her amazing belly ring which makes her looks very sexy indeed.

21.    Her gay friend Joey who is also one of the best friends she can ask for.

22.    Pictures of her on the internet posing with weirdly dressed people.

23.    The Will and Grace DVD’s which she got on her birth and which we would really like to steal from her!

24.    Lea Michele gets star struck by JWOWW which is an incredible feat on the part of this girl.

25.    Pictures of her with Angel actor David Borneaz

26.    A professional photo shoot to celebrate her engagement

27.    The fact that she happens to share her birthday with none other than the famous actor of yesteryear, Elizabeth Taylor! Yes, this is the best gift of all that JWOWW could possibly ever have asked for!

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JWOWW aka Jennifer "Jenni" Farley, Celebrates Her 27th Birthday with 27 different Things