Justin Biebers New Haircut Cost Doll Company $100,000

Justin Bieber has established himself as a strong role model that youth appear to be following. The younger generation imitates everything he does, including his fashion statement.

Three years ago, Bridge Direct, a toy manufacturing company, created dolls patterned after the Canadian singer’s shaggy sideswept 'do. However, the singer has opted to change his trademark hairstyle into a more mature one before his 17th birthday, leaving their hot-selling line of toys outdated. Jay Foreman, the CEO and founder of the toy company, said it cost them a staggering $100,000.

Foremam said it’s too late to cancel the production since the dolls were already made. During the line’s second run of production, the company decided to follow Bieber’s latest hairstyle. Foreman didn’t feel any bitterness towards the young artist as he said those really are the risks when you’re manufacturing products after A-list celebrities.

“Would I rather that Justin call me three months before he made a hair change? Yes. But we know that won't happen. That said, I'm glad he didn't go for a Mohawk. That would have been a real problem,” said Foreman.

The company scored an inclusive license in June 2010 to create Justin Bieber dolls. They even set up Google alerts to monitor Bieber’s every move.

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Justin Biebers New Haircut Cost Doll Company $100,000