Justin Bieber Serenades Billionaires Daughter on her 16th Birthday

How would it feel to be serenaded by no less than Justin Bieber himself, especially on your special day?

The 19-year-old Canadian pop heartthrob made a surprise appearance during Erica Shnaider’s 16th birthday bash at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Erica, who is an avid fan of Bieber, is the daughter of Alex Shnaider, named the 43rd richest Canadian by Canadian Business magazine with a net worth $1.5 billion.

In Ontario, it’s a tradition that when a person turns 16, she is given her total independence. She has the right to take a G1 driver’s test, move away from home and even get married. On Erica’s birthday, she was guaranteed a concert and slow dance with Bieber!

“Most unreal night of my life,” she wrote. “I don’t even know what to say,” exclaimed Erica.

The "Baby" hitmaker caused swoons, giggles and roars from the crowd, mostly from teens when he arrived. It was reported that Justin arrived in a black SUV and was guarded by 30 Rambo Secret Service guys. When Bieber started performing, the people at the party went nuts.

Justin Serenaded Erica with an unreleased single and did a provocative dance to the birthday girl. It was only a brief appearance, which only lasted for 30 minutes.

The party was ostentatious, the crowd mostly composed of those belonging in the elite social circle.

Justin’s appearance at the party is just among the trend of celebrities going to birthdays of billionaire children. Fellow Canadian and rapper Drake also surprised Kardashian socialite Kylie on her birthday, and planted a kiss on her cheek.

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Justin Bieber Serenades Billionaires Daughter on her 16th Birthday