Josh Duhamel Dresses like Carly Jae Raspen and Taylor Swift for the Kids Choice Awards!!!!!!!

The Kid’s Choice Awards this year is all set to get quite exciting and guess why? Josh Duhamel is going to be seen at this awards ceremony dressing up as none other than Taylor Swift and also Carly Jae Raspen. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly and “We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift are the two songs which he is going to be seen performing at the event. Now while this would have been perceived as normal, him dressing up as these two artists is certainly not so! All kids as well as adults present at the event are going to be in for a treat when they see him get up on stage. Josh Duhamel is known to have a very interesting persona and this lip synching act of his is going to make him come across as even more so.

Josh Duhamel is very well known for the comic roles which he is known to play on screen. He has gained a lot of popularity because of this unique ability that he possesses of being able to make people laugh. His popularity among children in particular is something that is even more, well known. This is one of the main reasons why he has been chosen to play this act on stage in the first place. He is the best person to be on stage doing these performances.

Duhamel wears a red bra and platforms when performing Carly’s song. He is known to do this on a car just like Carly does it in the video. This performance will go down very well with the children at the Awards Ceremony.

Thus kids and adult stars at the Kids Choice Awards this year can receive a special dose of entertainment because of Josh Duhamel. His acts are going to scorch the stage and put both Swift and also Raspen through a good deal of embarrassment as well.

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Josh Duhamel Dresses like Carly Jae Raspen and Taylor Swift for the Kids Choice Awards!!!!!!!