Jennifer Lopez Best Movies

Jennifer Lopez started acting at a young age, earning her first acting role while in high school. From drama, romantic comedy, action, science fiction – J Lo has shown her versatility in the roles she has taken on.

Below are five of J Lo’s best movies:

5. Anaconda -  In 1997 J Lo acted alongside Owen Wilson, Ice Cube and Jon Voight in the action thriller Anaconda.


4. The Wedding Planner – Jennifer plays the role of Mary an event planner who's life revolves around her work. She plans a wedding for a couple and inevitably falls in love with the groom, causing conflict in her personal and professional life.


3. Maid in Manhattan –In this romantic comedy  J Lo plays the role of a single mother and hotel maid, Marissa, who has the interest of  Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) from the moment the pair meet. Marissa  hides her profession from Chris as she knows it will not be accepted by him and his peers. Soon enough her secret is revealed only to find out how Chris will react.


2. The Cell – This 2000 sci-fi movie showcased J Lo’s versatility in acting. She acts as a child psychologist, Catherine Dean, who can enter the minds of  her patients. Later on, she is approached by an FBI Agent, Novak (Vince Vaughan), to solve a crime by entering the mind of a serial killer.


1. Selena – This is the film that jump started Jennifer's career, this sensational film is based on a true story. She portrays the role of Mexican-American superstar Selena Quintanilla-Pérez who rose to fame despite all of her struggles. An emotional story of the first Latin-American superstar of that time.




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Jennifer Lopez Best Movies