Jennifer Garner Seen Looking Adoringly at Ben Affleck After Oscar Win

The “Vanity Fair After Party”, which took place at the famous Sunset Hotel after the Academy Awards on Sunday night was definitely a most happening thing! Several stars from Hollywood were seen relaxing here after the Academy Awards got over. One of the most popular couples to arrive that night, sometime around eleven pm was Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux. The two have been quite attached lately. They were sitting by the Tower bar of the hotel where a jazz band was playing all night.

While Jennifer Anniston seemed quite content to talk to Molly Sims, her beau Justin was never too far away from her. Indeed, they have turned out to be one of the most happening couples, and have been attracting the attention of the media with their love for each other. Jennifer Anniston was dressed to kill in a red colored Valentino gown. She was one of the stars of the party. The shutterbugs never stopped clicking when they got near. This lady seems to have strived a good deal to get over her unpleasant break up with husband Brad Pitt. Justin is good for her as is evident from the radiant look that is always on her face whenever he is near her.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta were also present at the after party as was Tim Burton and his partner. Zeta Jones was congratulated on her performance in Chicago by Tim Burton. These two are also one of the most glamorous couples that Hollywood can boast about. Zeta Jones and Douglas are quite the pair and have been so now for a very long time to come. Their chemistry is extremely palpable wherever they go.

Reese Witherspoon was present with her husband at the event. The two stayed close to each other all night long, Witherspoon chatting up almost every second person at the party.

All in all it was quite a glitzy affair. The Vanity Fair after party was certainly not missed by the who’s who of Hollywood. Almost every famous person in Hollywood was present at the party, making some sort of statement in terms of style and glamour.

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Jennifer Garner Seen Looking Adoringly at Ben Affleck After Oscar Win