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Jennifer Aniston Displays Cupping Marks on her Back at a Movie Premiere

Jennifer Aniston Displays Cupping Marks on her Back at a Movie Premiere

Jennifer Aniston was recently seen at the premiere of the movie “Call me Crazy” with cupping marks on her back. Critics are saying that this movie on mental illness is going to be a success. Jennifer was wearing a strapless black dress at the event. She looked really great and the smile on her face indicated that she has attained inner peace and is happy from within. Her fans were of course more than happy to see her in such high spirits. Jennifer has been down in the dumps since her marriage to the actor Brad Pitt fell apart. She was finding it very hard to move on after this. Jen has been in a few unsuccessful relationships since then.

World Premiere Of The Lifetime Original Movie Event "Call Me Crazy: A Five Film"


The cupping marks are nothing to worry about. They are just signs of the cupping treatment Aniston went through recently. The treatment was meant for improving blood circulation in her body. It is known to be quite effective, and so, many Hollywood stars have been lining up for this. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has also been seen with the same cupping marks on her back. In fact, the media talked all about it when she hit the red carpet with these marks. Paltrow made no effort to hide her cupping marks, but it seems that Aniston used a concealing powder to cover them up. This of course did not work as the marks were very much evident. Aniston was however at ease during the premiere. She focused on enjoying herself instead of worrying about who was looking at her marks.


It has been some time since Jennifer Aniston has been in the limelight. She is going to be getting married again soon and wants to finally settle down. It is going to be a low-key marriage, unlike the one with Brad Pitt. Evidently Jen does not want to repeat anything from her past with Brad. She has found someone new, and is all set to do her best to make it work.

We are happy for Jen and complement her for trying to move on with her life. It was terrible to see her go into a complete decline. It is great that she has finally bounced back, and is ready to make a new beginning.

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