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Jacoby Jones is the First Name to be Announced for the 16th Season of “Dancing with the Stars”

Jacoby Jones is the First Name to be Announced for the 16th Season of “Dancing with the Stars”

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There are very few shows on television that have become as popular as “Dancing with the Stars”. It has run successfully for fifteen seasons, and each new season has been more popular than the last. The show is about celebrities taking part in dance performances to the delight of their fans. Dancing with the Stars originally came from Europe. It was primarily an Italian show, but it has now become very popular in the US.

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It is not necessary for artists on the show to know dancing too well to be able to take part in it. However those who do have skilled dance moves, often manage to win the hearts of the audience a lot more quickly than the ones who don’t. Dancing with the Stars is a show which is popular among people of all age groups and both young as well as old people can watch this show with an equal amount of vigor. The best time to watch it is when the season has just taken off.

The announcement that Jacoby Jones was going to be taking part in Dancing with the Stars was made by ABC during a break at the Academy Awards Ceremony. This is of course very exciting for his fans who would love to see him in something other than what he is usually known for. Indeed, dancing is this man’s favorite past time. Jeremy will be certain to do a really good job on the show.

His name is the one first one to be announced for the sixteenth season. And so, it can be assumed that Jacoby Jones’ dancing skills are worth talking about. He is not going to let down his fans down, when he gets up on the stage. The show goes on air soon. There is already a scramble among television channels to get slots to showcase this.

The star himself was very excited when he was interviewed about it recently. In his words, he would get it done and be a super star on stage. Jacoby Jones is all set to turn the dance platform to fire with his moves. The athlete has a fantastic build, which is certain to go in his favor when he gets up to make some moves. The remaining cast for the show is going to be announced very soon on “Good Morning America”, so fans of the show don’t need to wait too long for this.

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