Instagram's 15 Most Famous Whiskers

With the recent boom in a variety of social media platforms, it seems like all of us are able to have our very own social media accounts. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it is fairly easy for all of us to post, share and like. Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world. It is no wonder that, in addition to celebrities becoming even more famous through this social media, cats have become the most loved animals on the Internet. Put those two together and we get a ton of cute kitties that are getting famous online. Some of Instagram's famous cats are even found to have more followers than actual celebrities do. How do these cats obtain this excessive amount of followers you ask? Simple, people just can't get enough of these furry little faces and innocent, yet, hilarious poses. Find the top 15 most popular felines on Instagram below (and be sure to follow them all for your daily dose of cute).

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15 Max (@themaxsociety)

Via: instagram.com/themaxsociety

Max is a purrfect one-year-old white Persian kitty. He originates from the Philippines and gives his followers a real treat by constantly posting new images of himself doing things like, going fishing, exercising and winking. That precious little face got him over 14,000 Instagram followers and counting.

14 Junior (@floppit)

Via: instagram.com/floppit

With over 16,000 Instagram followers, Junior, a 15 year old ginger tabby, (with a too-cute freckled nose) comes in at #14. His followers really seem to enjoy following Junior on some of his interesting adventures, often sharing his growing fame with Floppit, his BFF, who just so happens to be a crochet cat. Cute!

13 Duma (@dumagauper)

Via: instagram.com/dumagauper

This adorable cat comes in at number 13 on the list. Duma is a Bengal kitty from Michigan who's just about the cutest thing ever. She has already posted over 365 images and counting. Her spots and stripes resemble cats found in the wild, which is probably why she's got over 23,000 Insta followers.

12 Hachi (@hachithecat)

Via: instagram.com/hachithecat

Although there isn't too much information about Hachi in her bio, she's (apparently) the wife of another Instagram famous cat, Roku (#4 on this list!) and based on some people's comments, shes kind of a big deal. And of course, she's super adorable. Her 52, 000 followers think so, too.

11 Monster (@princessmonstertruck)

Via: instagram.com/princessmonstertruck

Monster the cat was adopted off the streets of NYC, but as her bio states, she's "all teeth, no bite." Based on some of the comments left on her Instagram posts, people seem to love giving the adorable rescue cat compliments and kind words. This unique kitty has over 64,000 followers. Must be that smile!

10 Simba (@simbasanga)

Via: instagram.com/simbasanga

Simba is an orange-furred, fluffy bobtail kitty that's as cute as he is furry (his 57, 000 followers certainly agree). What's great about Simba's account is the time frame of his many posts. Oh, and if you think he's adorable now, scroll all the way back to see snaps of when he was a kitten. You won't be able to handle the cute.

9 Milla (@millathecat)

Via: instagram.com/millathecat

Milla's definitely an interesting feline. At just over two years old and already has over 104,000 followers. Her poses always seem to be taken at angles that really reflect her unique and interesting features. Already at over 100,000 followers, that amount seems to keep increasing every minute, likely because of her turned down ears and big round eyes, both of which are way too adorable to resist.

8 Venus (@venustwofacecat)

Via: instagram.com/venustwofacecat

We know what you might be thinking, but nope, this is not the result of Photoshop; Venus, also known as the two-faced cat, is all natural. Her super-special markings split her cute little face into two distinct colors. In addition to the unique fur coloring, she has heterochromea, too, causing her eyes to also be different hues. It's pretty easy to see why Venus has 116,564 followers.

7 Sam (@samhaseyebrows)

Via: instagram.com/samhaseyebrows

As another feline with distinct markings, Sam is pretty popular on Instagram (134,305 followers). Most of the time, he looks confused or surprised but he really can't help his eyebrow placement, now can he? It doesn't matter though, because we love Sam (and so does the Internet), wacky eyebrows and all.

6 Colonel Meow (@colonelmeow)

Via: http://instagram.com/colonelmeow

Just taking one glance at this cat makes people want to search and follow Colonel Meow. Colonel Meow's furry, yetti-like look is all kinds of fluff and all kinds of cute. Over 158,000 Instagram users follow the little ball of fur and honestly, who can really blame them? Just look at that face!

5 Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat)

Via: instagram.com/realgrumpycat/

Grumpy Cat is always mean muggin', but don't let that frowned face fool you; she's super sweet. As one of the most famous cats ever (she's been held by J-Lo and Conan O'Brien, among others and was named Most Influential Cat in 2012 by MSNBC), she has just a few Instagram followers –321, 537 to be exact. But she didn't start out as Grumpy Cat; this kitty's real name is Tardar Sauce. What's with her face? Well, her owner claims Grumpy Cat's signature frown is due to feline dwarfism and an under-bite. Whatever it is, we can't take our eyes away from this silly-yet-super-cute looking kitty, not to mention those piercing blue eyes!

4 Roku (@rokuthecat)

Via: instagram.com/rokuthecat

Roku's a silver Scottish Fold that's stealing every Instagram user's heart. More than 353,000 followers love double-tapping on this feline's photos, some of which include Roku dressed up in Star Wars gear, handkerchiefs or posing next to his wifey, Hachi.

3 Bub (@iamlilbib)

Via: instagram.com/iamlilbub

Lil' Bub was born with a slew of genetic problems, but that doesn't stop this kitty from making her 410,000 followers happy. Bub's owner says she's a permanent kitten, meaning she'll always stay kitten-sized and have kitten features (or extra-cute features, really) her whole life. She also has feline dwarfism, her upper and lower jaws are two different sizes and her teeth never fully grew in, causing her tongue to hang out like it does. Plus, she has an extra toe on all four of her paws. But that's exactly what makes Bub special. Her bio got it right; her genetic abnormalities "all add up to one of nature’s happiest accidents."

2 Hamilton (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat)

Via: instagram.com/hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Hamilton's 'stache game is always on point, making him one of Instagram's most dapper kitties. His perfectly placed markings are better than most hipster moustaches, which is probably why he's got more than 490,000 followers.

1 Nala (@nala_cat)

Via: instagram.com/nala_cat

Nala Cat is basically the Beyonce of kitties, with over 1.2 million followers. She's a three year old Siamese and Tabby mix with big, blue eyes that make every cat-lover melt. Adopted from a shelter at only five month old, it's pretty fair to say that Nala started from the bottom and now, well, she's definitely here.

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