How Much Celebrities Make Per Concert Per Night

On the average, an American earns around $70 per day for work that he probably would prefer not to do. Not everyone lives a charmed life of a sportsman or rock star who can earn millions of dollars for one night of a concert, regardless if they perform well or not. Of course, we are not saying that they only work during the day of the concert itself; after all, they do have to rehearse, practice and travel. Still, the amounts they make for one concert can be mind-boggling. Here is a list of just how much celebrities make per concert per night. Figures are based on last year’s numbers only. Artists who performed together are counted as one.

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10 Taylor Swift - $1.2 million per night

Taylor Swift is only 23 years old, but she already has a net worth of over $220 million. She also has an array of trophies from the Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard, Country Music Association Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards. Her songwriting has also been honored because of her unique way of narrating her experiences as a teenager in her songs. Last year, she had 21 concerts, earning for her a total of $26.3 million.

9 Jay-Z & Kanye West - $1.5 million per night

Jay-Z and Kanye West are both outstanding producers, songwriters, rappers and businessmen in their own right. Last year, the two superstars, who are close friends in real life, performed together 31 times, selling out their concerts 15 times. It earned them a total of nearly $50 million.Then, they get to go home to Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. Talk about having all the luck.

8 Lady Gaga - $1.9 million per night

Lady Gaga is certainly not having any bad romance with her fans. All her albums have sold well and have been received with acclaim by critics as well. She toured tirelessly last year, performing 65 times, all of which got sold out. The total gross of her concerts was $124.9 million.

7 Coldplay - $2.2 million per night

The band is certainly living the life. The British band was formed in 1996 and actually started out with the name Pectoralz. They then used the name Starfish, before finally settling for Coldplay. There is certainly nothing cold about their play as it has churned out hot hits throughout the past decade. Last year, they grossed $147.2 million from their 67 concert performances, 56 of which got sold out.

6 Pearl Jam - $2.5 million per night

The band has been hailed as one of the most popular and influential bands from the 1990's, outlasting all their contemporaries as the group is still raking it in. That is saying a lot considering that its members have been averse to interviews and making music videos. Yet, 22 years after its first hit, the band is still performing and earning well from their concerts. Last year, the band performed 11 times for a total revenue of $27.4 million.

5 Roger Waters - $2.6 million per night

Those nostalgic for classic rock music will surely not let a Roger Waters concert pass by. Just to see and watch a legend perform even without the rest of his equally legendary band, Pink Floyd, is enough to complete a real rock fan’s dream. Waters tour last year covered 72 arenas, with 51 sell outs and a total gross of $186.5 million.

4 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - $2.8 million per night

He was certainly born to run, and Bruce Springsteen’s glory days are still not yet behind him. He still rocks hard and his pounding music will still get anyone on their feet. Along with the E Street Band, Springsteen dished out some old time rock and roll 72 times last year. They were able to sell out 54 of those venues and they earned a total revenue of almost $200 million in the process. He is called “The Boss” and he has lorded it over the industry for the past four decades.

3 Madonna - $3.2 million per night

Madonna has come a long way from her risqué pop songs that were released back in the 80's. Back then, she was cavorting to us like a virgin and she was coming out with hit after hit. Artists have come and go, but Madonna has managed to reinvent herself regularly, thus making herself relevant even to a new generation of fans. She has kissed Britney Spears and has inspired Lady Gaga, but more than that, she has continued performing well into her fifties. Last year, all her 72 concerts were sold out, helping her earn more than $228.4 million.

2 Barbra Streisand - $3.4 million per night

At 71 years old, you think that Barbra Streisand would just take it easy and rest. After all, she has already achieved quite a lot. She is one of the few artists to have taken home an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award. She has sold more than 145 million records around the world. She is the best selling female artist in the Recording Industry Association of America’s list of best selling album artists. She is the only non-rock musician in that list. Yet, she still gets nervous performing before an audience despite all these accomplishments. Which is probably why she only performed 12 times last year, all of which got sold out. It earned her a revenue of $40.7 million.

1 Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw - $4.2 million per night

Two hugely successful country artists got together and performed in a concert series. Even if it were just one of them up on the stage, chances are that the tickets would have still sold well. For two country giants, the tickets sold briskly. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw held 23 concerts last year and though they only sold out nine of the venues, the huge arenas they performed in were enough to earn for them more than $96.4 million in revenue.

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