Hot To Not: 12 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks

Celebrities are humans like us, but they are not allowed to have our flaws. They are put under a lot of pressure to be in shape and to look like plastic dolls that never age or get fat. But, as they face the same problems, food disorders, and pressures as us mortals, they tend to change their appearance through years. That is not allowed in the cruel world of fashion, style and skinny role models.

Some of the famous TV stars presented themselves to the public as sex symbols, and we have adored their hot and smoky style. But, when the years pass by, they change and start using apron as a substitute for hot pants. In that situation, your disappointment as their admirer is expected. Considering the market is full of sexy celebs, you don’t have the time to lose yourself. The celebs we admire need to be full-time sex symbols like at the beginning of their career and even to look hotter as they get older.

They may have the same problems and flaws like us, but the biggest sin is to show their imperfections to the fans. Celeb groupies never forgive slips from the “hot track”. That’s why when they get from worldwide beauty to creepy beasts all the lights are on them. Today we present you our own list of celebs that went from HOT to NOT. Try not to get scared.


12 Mathew Perry

The funniest guy from the popular TV show Friends changed a lot over the years. Mathew Perry had some personal problems that made him forget about his appearance. We can see his weight gain even through the series, when we witnessed Chandler going from hot to not so hot. His smile, skinny body, and incredible charisma changed as he struggled with addictions. Now, he looks like the old man who is retired and has two grandsons on the way. The years have passed, and he will never be the same smoking, sexy, funny man he was when he seduced the lovely Monica.

11 Steven Seagal


Age has a lot to do when it comes to celebrity appearance. Some are like wine, but others can’t escape time and its consequences. Steven Seagal is desperately trying to stop the time from moving, but his bus went faster than his colleagues’. His gain weight is noticeable, and that’s the reason his body went from super-hot to grandpa-like. One thing is for sure; sexy is not the word written next to this actor’s name anymore.

10 Mariah Carey

Grammy-winning singer Mariah Carey had a sex symbol status the same second she appeared on TV. Her magical voice, endless legs, and beautiful hair made her one of the most famous female singers worldwide. But, as the years pass by, she had some health issues, so she changed. She went from sexy to aunty-looking. She now has an amazing singing career behind her, but you can see the consequences. The constant weight problems continued, and the sex symbol from the 90s looks better on the old pictures than now.

9 John Travolta



Remember this cutie pie on the left? In the 80s he was every girl's dream boy. But now, his career is on the stand and so is his look. Travolta's style hasn’t changed a lot; he is wearing a lot of black like always, but his attributes are not in the same shape as they were in the Grease era. His last big hit movie was Hairspray in 2007. Since then his career was steady. Maybe the problem that made him less hot than expected is that he is not seductive as he was before. That’s a pity; we all loved the good looking Danny.

8 Brendan Fraser

What happened to the mighty George of the Jungle you may wonder? Brendan Fraser's all muscle body has apparently changed a lot since he played his most known role. He no longer has that long curly hair that gave him a memorable look. His hair is in the past now alongside with his remarkable six pack. Now he’s wearing a simple blue sweater along with short straight hair and there is not a clue from his old seductive smile. Now it seems George needs to be saved from the jungle, again.

7 Jon Favreau


Jon became famous in the film Swingers. Back then he was a young, sexy and stylish actor full of energy, but now you may find only the shadow of that man. The struggle with extra pounds is in the center of attention when it comes to this talented actor. His new body is entirely different than the one he had before. It’s as if he was switched with a totally different doublet. Jon Favreau was one of the most masculine actors in Hollywood, but now it seems he has traded in his gym membership for a trip to the nearest fast food restaurant.

6 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was a dancer, singer and certainly a smoking hot celeb who truly went from hot to fatty. We all remember admiring her jaw dropping six-pack. Now, instead of the flat stomach, sexy legs and amazing figure, you can see a big mama’s belly. She is not so present in the public life, and when she appears, all eyes are on her. Janet gets a lot of attention because no one can believe that this is the same Jenny who made millions drool before. Her career is “on pause” and we can say the same for her looks.


5 Kevin Federline


Kevin Federline was a singer and a rapper, but he was famous for being married to famous pop star Britney Spears. Their marriage didn’t last very long, only two years, but he got all the attention he needed during that time. He was sexy enough for magazines, TV shows and posters, but what about now? He gained weight and lost his lovely face together with the popularity. He is trying to lose weight, but it seems he will never look as sassy as he did when he married the pop princess.

4 Val Kilmer

The gorgeousness of young Val Kilmer is something that no one can deny. Super cute lips, manly jaw and the look that made the girls go nuts are the things that made him ultra-popular. But something has happened to him. He gained weight and stopped taking care of himself. When his fans saw him on TV after several years, they started wondering who replaced their hot boy with this grandpa. There were a lot of rumors about his health problems, but he denied them. The fact is that lovely face we saw in Top Gun and Batman has forever changed, and you can’t call it pretty anymore.

3 Kelly Clarkson


We all remember one of the biggest American Idol stars Kelly Clarkson like a cute and shy one. But she did have a particular sex appeal when she was on that big stage. Her glow was different and teenage-like, and everybody knew that she was America's sweetheart. Several years ago this cutie has let herself go. Nearly double in size since the time she first showed up, Kelly became almost unrecognizable. She is now a mother of one, but always criticized for her weight. Celebs are not allowed to be humans, as we said, but despite this change of appearance, her career never stopped being on the same level as before.

2 Rob Kardashian

The one Kardashian that was out of the spotlight for some time is the only brother in the family - Robert Kardashian. He had a lot of problems, and there are rumors that all started with his breakup with singer Rita Ora. He has had health issues and gaining a lot of weight, and he now looks nothing like his former self from the modeling era. You may find it hard to recognize his pretty face now. The only man in the Kardashian family needs to follow his sister Khloe’s example on how to become a beauty from the beast again.

1 Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson was one of the hottest celebs ever. Do you remember the video where you see this long-legged blond in boots that "are made for walking”? She was every boy’s dream girl. But, this hottie had some tough times. From 2005 to 2011 she gained weight, a lot of weight. From the cute Jessica from the video mentioned before, the boots are the only thing left. Her hair and still seductive smile are the only things that this former sex symbol kept from past life. Now she is struggling with her weight all the time. Going on diets helped her return to her previous shape, but the glow she had when she was younger is still locked somewhere in time.


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