Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Movie Director 2011

James Cameron

Cameron rank #1 on the Vanity Fair Magazine Top 40 Highest Paid Hollywood’s Stars making him the highest paid movie director in hollywood for 2010.

WRITER, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER (Creative Artists Agency)

ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $257 MILLION (2009 rank: 4)

$248 million: Avatar (back-end for writing, producing, and directing, based on 2010 worldwide box-office gross of $1.95 billion, and share of DVD and pay-television revenue; excludes $50 million earned in 2009)

$5 million: Avatar (share of toy licensing, other revenue)

$4 million: Older film revenue (e.g., back-end and royalties from earlier projects, other payments)


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Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Movie Director 2011