Hollywood's 20 Hottest Gym Bunnies

The gym isn't exactly the sexiest place. After all, women and men alike are there to get their sweat on, not necessarily to look good. Yes, women sometimes invest in the cutest gym bags and the bright

The gym isn't exactly the sexiest place. After all, women and men alike are there to get their sweat on, not necessarily to look good. Yes, women sometimes invest in the cutest gym bags and the brightest, most fashionable workout gear that firms, tones, and wicks away moisture. However, by the end of a good workout, you can't help looking red, sticky, and out of breath.

If you want documented evidence of your workouts, of course, you can always take a selfie from your best angle before you get too sweaty. Once you leave the gym with your dirty clothes clinging to you or in a fresh pair of sweats, no one is going to point a camera in your face and take pictures that will pop up all over Instagram.

Everybody's heard the line that celebrities are nothing like us. Indeed, they have the benefits of fame and money and everything that brings, but deep down they're just like any other human being, right? Wrong.

Celebrities somehow manage to look amazing wherever they go and whatever they're doing. Their outfits are spotless during grocery trips, they never get stray sand anywhere when strolling the beach (unless it's for seductive effect), and they seem to avoid sweating even a drop when they work out.

If you need a refresher on how very, very different celebrities are compared to the average civilian, just take a look at these celeb gym bunnies. These women, whether going to the gym or just leaving it, look ready to walk down a red carpet. Life's just not fair.

20 Kelly Brook


Research has proven that regular exercise is a great way to compete with the cruel hands of time. Your skin can look luminous, supple, and practically wrinkle-free, just like the 35-year-old actor and model Kelly Brook. Yes, at 35 she looks that pretty, and on her frequently photographed gym trips it doesn't appear that she's wearing much if any makeup.

19 Lea Michele


Besides giving her enviable pipes a workout, Lea Michele keeps her body in shape too. The Glee actor, Broadway star (in such productions as Fiddler on the Roof and Les Miserables), and singer (her only album thus far is called Louder, and it was released in 2014) understands that you have to be energized to run on the treadmill or lift some weights. Her healthy snacks and green smoothie will surely keep her fueled up.

18 Minka Kelly


Do you see that on the front of Minka Kelly's shirt? It's actually sweat. Now you know that, at least, when celebrities go to the gym that they sometimes do come out with some proof of their hard labor. Only sometimes though. The Friday Night Lights star still looks absolutely flawless otherwise though. No flushed face, no slumped posture, no signs of exhaustion whatsoever. Instead, she's almost smiling and looks raring to go.

17 Emma Roberts


Despite her roles in movies like Valentine's Day, We're the Millers, Scream 4, and the cult favorite television show American Horror Story, Emma Roberts has a cute, girl-next-door look to her that makes her seem almost as if she could be your BFF. She looks less Hollywood than a lot of celebrities, and when she dresses down, it's almost hard to tell that she's a star.

16 Ashley Greene


Just like Edward Cullen, Twilight actor Ashley Greene looks pretty incredible in the sunlight. In Studio City, California, which isn't too far from Los Angeles, Greene took some time to herself at the Tracy Anderson Method gym back in 2012. With keys in hand and a chic magenta leather bag on her arm, Greene is definitely on her way back to her car.

15 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian hitting the gym is nothing new. The daughter to North West and wife to Kanye West has to keep her world-famous body in shape for her reality show with her family and her other ventures. However, Kim has a tendency to always dress to the nines. This time she decided to go for staple leggings - and a little more makeup than most would favor for a gym trip.

14 Elisabetta Canalis


The lovely Italian actor Elisabetta Canalis proves that you don't always have to go for cutesy or girly when you hit the gym. Back in 2012, the starlet was in her home country of Italy getting some exercise in Milan. She was clearly enjoying her phone call quite a bit judging by the smile on her face.

13 Jessica Alba


Seriously, can Jessica Alba do no wrong? She's an incredible actor (her resume includes starring roles in such movies as Sin City, Fantastic Four, and shows like Dark Angel), she's landed on countless hottest star lists, she's started a business called The Honest Company, she's big into charities, and she has a wonderful family.

12 Sophia Bush


The winter chill is just settling in, and even though there's no snow on the ground, it's still freezing cold out. Surely you can just skip your workout this one day, right? You better not. Even if it's a little nippy out, just make like Sophia Bush and put on layers as you walk to and from the gym.

11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


If you prefer barre classes to yoga, you're in good company. Rosie Huntington-Whitely, a model most times and an actor sometimes, knows that the ballet stretching and moving taught in these lessons does a body good. She even has the right footwear for her class.

10 Julianne Hough


You probably remember Julianne Hough swinging around the stage on Dancing with the Stars or showing off her grace in the Footloose update from 2011. The ex-girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest has always strived to stay very active, as you can clearly see in this tummy-exposing picture.

9 Ashley Tisdale


Long since grown up from her days as a star on High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale has matured looks-wise and career-wise, becoming a respectable pop star with a gold album (her 2007 debut Headstrong) and appearing in such films as Hellcats and Scary Movie 5. She also knows how a good tanner can make your abs pop.

8 Emma Watson


One of the most respected young stars in Hollywood, Emma Watson has proven again and again that she's a positive role model for women everywhere. Despite having a hugely successful career playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie franchise, she decided to continue her quest for higher education at Rhode Island's Brown University. She also seems to date regular college folk and not hunky Hollywood studs.

7 Irina Shayk


As a model, working out is a part of Irina Shayk's regular life, as is looking good. Nothing else can explain why this Russian-born 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star looks like she's in the middle of a photo shoot in this paparazzi-captured image. What is she pointing at? It doesn't even matter. This picture is also magazine cover-worthy.

6 Brooke Burke-Charvet


Working as a television host, actor, model, and talent on Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke-Charvet has a very active life. Still, she always has time to fit in a bit of gym time. She gained the public's sympathy back in 2012 when she disclosed that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Now cancer-free, it's no surprise that she's so serious about taking good care of herself.

5 Alessandra Ambrosio


These days, besides showing off her lingerie-ready body for Victoria's Secret as well as fashion houses like Dior and Armani Exchange, the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio has a much more important responsibility: motherhood. With future model children Noah Phoenix and Anja Louise, Ambrosio still finds time to dedicate to fitness.

4 Kimberley Garner


A United Kingdom import, Kimberley Garner is a socialite who has starred on a reality show called Made in Chelsea, which follows along famous and influential young London residents. The show won a BAFTA Award. Garner also has designing credits to her name, creating fashionable bikinis.

3 Rita Ora


Another UK delight, Rita Ora has become an overnight pop sensation with her top-of-the-charts tunes like "How We Do (Party)" and "I Will Never Let You Down." She's so popular that Iggy Azalea even shared the spotlight, as Ora's signature vocals appear on the Azalea song "Black Widow." The collaboration worked, as the single launched to the third highest US chart position this year.

2 Taylor Swift


When it comes to sweating or feeling gross post-workout, Taylor Swift simply shakes it off. You're probably not worrying about how good your lipstick looks after stumbling out of the gym with sore muscles, but then again, you're not Ms. Swift. The country/pop hitmaker has to maintain her slim physique and look great while doing it.

1 Jennifer Lopez


The old saying that "age is just a number" tends to apply to romantic relationships, but Jennifer Lopez lives by that mantra every single day. Nearly 46 years old, you would never guess that this firecracker star with the explosive voice would be hitting her 50s sooner than later. There's not a single wrinkle on her makeup-free face.

Then there's those abs. Lopez is always dancing around during her sell-out live shows, enough so that she's known for her moves alone. With a body like that, any 20-something or 30-something may want to get Lopez's workout tips. Her gym outfit, which admittedly is only half on, is simple enough to replicate, consisting only of a gray tank top and black cotton leggings. While this moment seems like a great photo op for sure, Lopez has never shied away from showing some skin.

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