Hollywood's 10 Most Notoriously Rude Celebrities

Some celebrities are famous and even iconic for a reason: they are über talented, attend all of the hottest Hollywood parties and know how to work the red carpet, and of course make movies or records that are critically acclaimed and become big hits.

Of course, as many stories in the media about stars getting in fights on set or sticking their noses up at fans suggest, a lot of celebrities don't exactly have the most likeable personalities. Many actors and singers have earned a somewhat sour reputation over the course of their careers. While celebs are human and everyone makes mistake or has a bad day once in a while, over time, certain A-list stars have consistently earned the wrong kind of press and attention for their bad attitudes. Whether it is because directors have said they are hard to work with on set, or they have the tendency to bad-mouth projects or their peers, some celebrities just can’t seem to maintain a favorable image. In a few cases, their careers have even suffered because they don't know how to play nice and keep their image just a little bit more polished.

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10 Gwyneth Paltrow

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A-list actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been the target of gossip for years, and she’s said some questionable things that would make anyone wonder whether she is even aware of her less-than-polite attitude. She once called her supposedly good friend Beyonce’s singing “ok” and their friendship later took a downhill turn when the two had a disagreement about a charity sale. Paltrow has also trash-talked Reese Witherspoon, accusing her of only doing romantic comedies for money and status. But it doesn’t seem like that destroyed their friendship; the two have taken selfies together in public and are apparently still friends. Recently, however, Paltrow offended the public at large - particularly moms - by stating that non-celebrity mothers have it easier than celebrities because they can do housework in the morning or evening because of their routine job, while celebrities have to work long and odd hours on set. She might be ignoring just a couple of things with that comparison.

9 Kanye West

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It should come to no surprise that Kanye West is frequently considered one of Hollywood’s less-than-considerate stars in Hollywood. He makes no secret of speaking out - often in a brash and unsympathetic way - about things on his mind, including bad-mouthing other celebrities and the people he works with. One of the rudest moments in his career was at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when he famously stormed onto the stage, grabbed the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands during her acceptance speech for an award, and announced to everyone that she didn’t deserve the honor and Beyonce did. The incident earned him significant attention and even prompted Barack Obama to call him a “jackass.” Kanye later admitted what he did was rude and apologized. Kanye has actually admitted that he shouldn’t always be taken seriously. “You should only believe about 90 percent of what I say,” he said in a 2013 interview.

8 Madonna

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It’s no surprise to anyone that Madonna is her own person. She doesn’t have the worst reputation in Hollywood for being rude, but that may simply be because few people expect her to be the nice girl, anyways. Journalists have said that Madonna is very difficult to interview: many have reported that she cancels interviews with no explanation and avoids actually answering questions. From time to time, she also makes the news for being rude or difficult at parties and industry events such as at a 2013 Oscar after-party, when many reports said that she snubbed directors and other stars who attempted to chat with her. On the other hand, it seems very few people hold too big of a grudge against her: most agree that Madonna has at least never pretended to be easy to work with. Those who have worked with her have said she works hard and expects others to work hard, too. Most who can accept that about her seem to get along okay with the icon (or at least keep their mouths shut about it).

7 Russell Crowe

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6 JLo

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If there’s one name that keeps popping up in accounts of rude celebrities, it’s Jenny from the Block. Jennifer Lopez has been the target of a lot of rumours that have said she is difficult - if not impossible - to work with because of the high demands she makes of those around her. Rumors have said that she expects those who work with her to be basically on call 24/7 and highly organized. Flight attendants have reported that she refuses to communicate directly with them on a plane; rather, JLo channels her orders for drinks or food through a travel companion, who then relays her requests to the attendants. In 2012, it was reported that she got a hotel maid fired in Germany. JLo also opted out of a lead role in the upcoming movie The 33, because she apparently rejected the idea of actresses starring alongside her who were younger or sexier. It's hard to say whether all of these rumours are true, but there are enough of them floating around to presume that nowadays "Jenny" struggles to stay in touch with her days “on the block.”

5 Lindsay Lohan

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4 Mike Myers

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3 Teri Hatcher

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Often playing likeable characters on shows such as Desperate Housewives, it might seem natural that Teri Hatcher would be a friendly person behind the scenes as well. Although it was one of the best-kept secrets during the time Desperate Housewives was on the air, it eventually came out that Teri Hatcher was in fact the opposite of what she appears to be on screen: she is very difficult to work with, at least according to the show’s creator. In a wrongful-termination lawsuit between another of the show’s actresses, Nicollette Sheridan and the show’s creator Marc Cherry, Cherry called Hatcher out as being “the meanest woman in the world.” Another hint that she wasn’t so beloved behind-the-scenes: a farewell gift from the cast to the crew on their last day on set excluded Hatcher’s name from the card.

2 Val Kilmer

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The actor known for movies such as Heat has been working in Hollywood for decades, and apparently making plenty of enemies along the way. Val Kilmer has earned such a poor reputation in Hollywood that almost every director he’s worked with has gone on record to say something bad about him. On top of that, many of his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends have also gone on record to talk about their terrible relationships. The actor has admitted to his reputation of being difficult, but claims he is only difficult with “stupid” people. The director of Kilmer’s 1995 movie Batman Forever, Joel Schumacher, has said that the two of them had a pushing match and Kilmer was badly behaved on set. Kilmer’s career dwindled after the 1990s… it’s not difficult to imagine why.

1 Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl apparently has never heard the phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” since she seems to make it a habit of doing the exact opposite. She had her big break on television's "Grey’s Anatomy," but publicly stated that she wouldn’t accept an Emmy for her role because of the show’s bad writing. She also went on record after filming Knocked Up to describe how sexist she thought it was and how uncomfortable the overall movie made her. Many of her colleagues have said numerous times to the press that she was difficult on the set of the movie, often questioning the script and their work. Others have gone on record to defend her, saying she is a talented actress and she wants to move forward. Still, no surprise that her career has cooled off since the mid-2000s.

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