Hitting The Books: 20 Celebrities You Didn't Know Have Impressive Degrees

Most people wouldn't think of stars of any kind to be the most educated of people because, let's face it, we only know them as the person who gives us entertainment - whatever the form it may be. But, whether it was before their rise to stardom, during their fame or even something that they were eventually able to pursue long after the excitement in their lives was at its peak, education is extremely important, no matter who you are, and the aforementioned celebrities are prime examples of this mentality.

It doesn't matter what you get your degree in, as everyone has their own strengths of course, but in order to keep up with the ever-changing world, a degree is definitely a great tool to have in your tool belt.

This is not to say that absolutely everyone should strive for this higher form of education because there are plenty of wonderful careers out there that don't require it. But it does open up a lot of doors irregardless. The skills that you obtain through learning are irreplaceable and the following celebrities know this as a pure fact. Even though they may not have ultimately ended up in the field that they got their degrees in, they can still proudly say that they earned that piece of paper that proves that they reached toward something greater than themselves and finished what they started. So, are you curious about who some of the celebrities that fall under this category are? Scroll down and let your mind be blown.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dolph Lundgren may be best known for his participation in big, blockbuster films filled with action but he's also a scientist. But, in order to wrap your head around all of that let's start from the beginning. Dolph Lundgren only started to seriously consider pursuing a career as an actor later on in his life as he came into contact with a casting notice for the Sylvester Stallone's smash hit Rocky IV. Before that, he was absolutely certain that he would follow in his father's footsteps and become an engineer. This was completely plausible, too, because he was a very academic child. As a direct result of this skill, his advanced education was largely in thanks to various scholarships that he has obtained. From attending Washington State University, where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry to attending the Royal Institute of Technology, where he received a degree in chemical engineering and even going as far as a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, he was on the road to success. But, this didn't last for long because after he came into contact with Sylvester Stallone and Grace Jones, his life changed forevermore.


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Hitting The Books: 20 Celebrities You Didn't Know Have Impressive Degrees