Have These 10 Celebrities Really Been Reformed?

Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Those are two names you're probably sick and tired reading about in the tabloids or hearing about on the news these days. After all, whenever you hear about Kanye or Bieber, chances are they're doing something illegal or idiotic, and as always, they seem to get away with it.

Bieber is no stranger to breaking the law - his mugshot has even gone viral. And yet, he's still around, causing trouble and making the news. And then you have Kanye who can't seem to open his mouth without some sort of egotistical, self-centered, B.S. spewing forth.

What gives? Why does the media love rewarding this behavior with fame? Well,  there may never be an answer for why people seem to relish this type of thing, but the good news is that both the Biebs and West claim that they are changing their ways. Yes, you read that right. Both stars have come forth to say that they're new men.

But are they, really? It can't be all that easy turning over a new leaf seemingly overnight – and changing large portions of your personality. And considering Kanye's latest stunt at the Grammys, it seems even less likely that he's changed once and for all.

But they aren't the first two trouble-makers to try and clean up their act. And yes, some celebs have done so with great success. But others? Well, not so much. Some noteworthy A-listers fell right back into their old ways before those statements in which they proclaim their newfound goodness even made it to print or to the airwaves.

Here then, are ten celebrities not named Kanye or Justin who claim to have reformed. They've distanced themselves from their bad reputations - but do you think they're truly reformed? Read on and decide for yourself...

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10 Charlie Sheen

Oh, Charlie Sheen. For awhile there, it seemed like you couldn't read entertainment news without seeing Sheen's name, talking about wild nights, drugs or sex with multiple porn stars. Sheen himself went on a half-crazed one man show tour where he belligerently talked about his wild life and his “goddesses” – the two women he was shacking up with at the time. He was fired from his show, Two and a Half Men after going into rehab, and honestly, none of this behavior is that shocking when you look into his past.

He's been married several times, has five kids with three different women and even has a grandchild. He once shot a fiancee in the arm accidentally, and he was listed as one of the clients for Heidi Fleiss' escort agency, which ruined his first marriage.

Ultimately, Sheen lived the typical Hollywood bad boy life and he lived it well. Though eventually, there were rumors of him reforming, mainly to keep things on good terms with his popular show, Anger Management, as he wanted it to go into syndication. But did he reform completely? I guess time will tell, but our vote is – not bloody likely. Love him or hate him. Charlie Sheen will always be Charlie Sheen.

9 Britney Spears

Britney Spears is well-known for a lot of things, including being the teen pop sensation who sang the incredibly catchy “Baby One More Time.” Even though she appeared to be a sweet and innocent girl from Mississippi, her life started to go downhill in about 2004. Her behavior became erratic, and included a 55 hour long marriage, leaving a rehab center after only a day, and turning around and shaving her head that night.

For a while there, it seemed like her life was in shambles and there was no way out for this pop star. At one point, she was so out of control that she even lost custody of her kids to her ex husband, Kevin Federline and her father was given conservatorship over her and her assets. Spears went on to become a judge on the television show, the X-Factor, and as of the last few years, has managed to remain out of the tabloids. It seems that perhaps this party girl has finally turned her act around for good? We can sure hope so.

8 Snooki

For a girl who rose to fame for her wild party girl antics on the reality show, Jersey Shore, Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi is actively working to overhaul her life. Part of the reason for changing her life around can be attributed to the birth of her first child, Lorenzo. Quitting the binge drinking that often got her in trouble also helped her shed some weight and work toward a healthier lifestyle. It seems that things are getting much calmer for the star who was involved in her fair share of legal troubles, and she even welcomed a daughter into her life recently. Hopefully, Snooki continues to grow up, at least for the sake of her kids. Then again, reality shows aren't so interesting without the drama, drinking and drugs, so what's next for this young mother? Only time will tell.

7 Nicole Richie

Ahhh yes, remember the television show, The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? That was one heck of a show, and one heck of a friendship. While that friendship turned sour pretty quickly, that's the least of Richie's concerns when it comes to her past – there was that time she was arrested for driving without a license and was found to be in possession of heroin. Honestly, Richie was one of those girls you expected to get in trouble, and seeing her picture on the cover of a tabloid wouldn't have been all that surprising. Except now, things have seemingly changed. She welcomed two children into her life, Harlow Winter Kate and Sparrow James Midnight, and from there, it appears this rich girl turned her life around. In 2008, she told Harper's Bazaar, “I owe {my} baby my life.” Even Nicole's father, Lionel Richie, agreed with her, saying that finally, Nicole understood how her parents were trying to raise her, and that life has come full circle.

6 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato's struggles were a little more private than some of these other stars, but it doesn't make them any less real. The former Disney star-turned musician-turned reality show host withdrew from a tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010 to enter a treatment facility. At the time, little was known about the reasons, but it was reported that she had punched a female backup dancer, which led to an intervention by her family and friends.

Upon her release from treatment, she acknowledged that she had suffered from a nervous breakdown and had been self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. On top of doing cocaine several times a day, she also admitted to self-harm, a struggle with bulimia, and ultimately would be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Once released from treatment, she started writing about her struggles for Seventeen magazine, and has returned to work while living in a sober-living facility for more than a year. She says it's the best way to avoid relapsing on her addictions and eating disorder.

5 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes' meltdown was very public, and the young star took to social media, allowing the whole world to witness it as it happened. It was a slow motion train wreck, to be sure. Between getting arrested, multiple hit-and-run accidents, and her strange posts on Twitter, it seemed the whole world was watching Bynes spiral out of control. In 2010, the starlet announced to the Twitterverse that she was retiring from acting, then a month later she had a change of heart and “unretired.” She later opened up about it at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, saying that she's merely taking some time off. Then in 2012, she announced that she was once again retiring from acting to focus on her career as a fashion designer. She enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 2014, but it would appear that things weren't going to be that easy for Bynes. Later that year, she was expelled from the school for coming to class high and paying other students to do her work. And in October, she was put under another psychiatric hold (not the first) and was placed under the conservatorship of her mother again. Bynes left the facility early, not even a few weeks into treatment. So no, it doesn't appear that Amanda is getting any better, sadly.

4 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.'s career got a kickstart over the last decade or so thanks to roles in Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, and let's be honest – people love this guy. And there's no reason not to. RDJ is pretty awesome all around. But when you look back from about 1996 until about 2001, things weren't quite so swell for the movie hunk. During those years, Downey was arrested countless times on drug-related charges for marijuana, cocaine and even heroin.

He enrolled in treatment programs several times, all of them unsuccessful. He's even gone as far as to claim he's been addicted to drugs from the age of eight, thanks to the fact that his father gave them to him. Some of the stories from Downey's past are almost too crazy to be real. Everything from being arrested with drugs and a .357 Magnum to trespassing in someone's home and falling asleep in one of their beds – while on drugs, obviously.

In 2004, he spoke to Oprah about changing his life and getting clean, saying he reached out for help to finally overcome his addictions and troubles. And currently, his career couldn't be much better. Let's just hope it stays that way for RDJ.

3 Drew Barrymore

If you want to hear about a child star who went on the rebellious streak to end all rebellious streaks, look no further than Drew Barrymore. Today, she seems like a professional, successful and put-together star – a rarity in Hollywood, for sure. But we all know, it wasn't always that way. Barrymore played Gertie in E.T, making her one of the most famous child stars of the time. But perhaps that fame came to early, because young Barrymore was a regular at Studio 54 long before she was tall enough to reach the bar. She was smoking cigarettes by the age of nine, drinking by the time she was eleven, smoking pot by 12 and snorting cocaine at the age of 13. In fact, this partying led her to a stint in rehab at the young age of 14, along with a suicide attempts. After all of her personal struggles, it was hard for her to get roles in Hollywood. Most casting directors laughed in her face when she showed up to auditions. She took a job at a coffee house to support herself, and at that point decided to turn herself around. And she appears to have done just that.

2 Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg. To many people today, he's known as a respectable actor who's been nominated for a couple of Oscars. Before that, he was an underwear model for Calvin Klein, and at one time, he was known simply as Marky Mark. But even before all that, Mark Wahlberg was a juvenile delinquent. There are even grittier parts of his past that you may not know, however. In 1988, when he was only 16 years old, he tried to steal alcohol from a man outside a convenience store. He hit the man with a stick and punched another man as he ran from police.

One of his victims was left partially blind from the incident. He was charged as an adult for these crimes, and he's considered a felon to this day. But recently, Wahlberg has asked that his record be expunged, says that's he's reformed, and wants to take the next step to prove that he's a different person now. He hopes to work with at-risk youth, something he can't do with his criminal record, and he hopes that he can prove to others that yes, you can turn your life around.

1 Ice-T

Perhaps one of the biggest former bad boys on this list, Ice-T started out his career in Hollywood as a rapper. His first album was released in 1987 and was the first hip-hop album to carry the explicit content sticker. Later on, he co-founded the band, Body Count which released a track titled, “Cop Killer,” which many found controversial, saying it glamorized killing cops. Ice-T grew up in the Crenshaw district of L.A and while he never officially joined a gang, he was somewhat affiliated with the Crips. He had a child with his girlfriend while in high school, and eventually he resorted to stealing car stereos and selling marijuana to help support his child. He joined the army for awhile, and he claims that after he was discharged, he used his skills to become a bank robber. Today, he's probably best known for his role as Detective Odafin Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where he plays a cop – instead of rapping about killing them.

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