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Harmony Korine Not a Creep

Harmony Korine Not a Creep


“Spring Breakers” is a fascinating movie with actresses Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez in highly sexualized scenes and staying naked through a major part of the film. The critics have questioned whether the director, Harmony Korine is a creep or not. To assume this would be natural, as the girls are barely over twenty years of age. Their bodies have been portrayed vividly in the movie.

However the director remained quite cool in the face of this controversy. In an interview to Huffington Post, Harmony says that what he has shown in the movie is business for him as usual, and that, he is in no way a creep. He feels that there is nothing wrong with the idea of teen girls flaunting their bodies before the camera.

Spring Breakers 2

Korine has his wife Rachel, who is just twenty six years of age, starring in the movie as well. When asked about the movie, Korine said that for him not to showcase whatever he did would be a fake thing to do. He intends on showcase reality, even if it means showing scenes that are sexually quite explicit. Korine is quite an open-minded man, and finds nothing wrong with the idea of a bit of exhibitionism now and then. However, his tendency to do this has invited a lot of criticism lately, something which is not going to leave his side too easily. In fact, some people feel that such exhibitionism could actually lead to the downfall of the directory Harmony Korine.

Spring Breakers 3

Having said all this however, one has to admit that Spring Breakers is quite a good movie and is going to be a huge success. The movie is catered towards a teen audience with the theme of the movie being quite juvenile in nature. The cast comprises of Rachel Korine, Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez – they are huge hits among the teens. Selena Gomez in particular is very popular, although more so for her relationship with Justin Bieber than anything else.

James Franco, the Hollywood actor, also stars in this movie. This could be another reason why the movie might become a huge hit. James Franco is popular for Spiderman. In this movie, he plays the role of a gangster who leads the girls down the wrong path. He is thus quite the bad boy here, something which his fans are going to find very appealing indeed. Franco enjoys good screen compatibility with all the girls. This is likely to work well for the movie.

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