Hally Berry not offended by boob song

People are still talking about Seth MacFarlane’s boob-song at the Oscars. Seth’s style of comedy (as seen in “Family Guy” and “American Dad” has always had its share of making fun of celebrities, and it seems Hally Berry was one of the actresses in the song alongside other stars who have on at least one occasion exposed their tits on camera.

Mario Lopez of "Extra" asked Hally Berry about her new movie "The Call" during an interview and asked her about it.

She stated: "I think hosting that is one of the scariest things a comedian can do", she also shared her opinion of Seth while keeping her cool "He did what he wanted to do. That's his brand of comedy and people will love it and they will hate it. I thoroughly enjoyed the show."

She later added "It takes so much to offend me these days after all the things that have been said about me, to me, so I didn't feel offended by that boob song."

Instead of being offended by a grand comedian that makes people laugh for a living, she shared what bothers so many stars like her, which is the endless presence of paparazzi following her around and stalking her. It is truly an unnerving phenomenon for any human being to keep them from having privacy. Hally Berry’s daughter has also become of victim of paparazzi "No, it's totally abnormal, it's weird for her and she's at that age where she's questioning why and she wants to be left alone and it's bothersome, it's scary for her."

And now without further ado, Seth Macfarlane's boob-song:



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