Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: 15 Things You Love, Hate And Need To Know!

If you play Grand Theft Auto 5 Online you know how much fun the game is. It can offer literally endless hours of entertainment, sometimes hours at a time of entertainment. Personally, I had an eight-hour session one time and I know that it still pales in comparison to what some people do.

It is a never ending world in which you never know what can happen, and with Rockstar always adding new content to the game, it never gets boring. But just like anything else, there are good things along with bad things. Today we will take a look at some of the great things as well as some of the bad things and ways to combat them. Like when you have a stalker that is killing you repeatedly, or when someone is waiting for you outside of your building to wipe you out. And then of course, we have those people that don’t know how to act when they get a microphone in front of them.

We will also look at some things that you may not know about that can help your gameplay experience. So put on your body armor and your seatbelt, it’s time to take a ride around Los Santos!


15 LOVE - Available Vehicles

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It doesn’t matter if you buy it or if you steal it, Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has some fine pieces of machinery for you to drive. Yes, the name of the game itself would indicate that you might be encouraged to steal them, but there are dealerships that you can visit for the legit purchase. It’s totally up to you.

You can buy insurance for them, put trackers in them and customize them to your liking. There really isn’t too much that you can’t do to them. Sometimes it’s fun to just find a nice place to park and watch them drive up and down the street.

The Dominator, Stinger GT, Pegassi Zentorno, Pegassi Turismo and the Progen Tyrus are absolute must haves if you want the best of the best. The Dominator is a little easier to get, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as fun to drive around Los Santos.

There are endless choices for you to choose from and Rockstar always drops new ones into the game. Don't want a typical car? There are also countless beautiful trucks to choose from as well.

Ground travel isn’t the only option either as you can pick up a plane, helicopter, Jet Ski, military tank, speedboat or a nice yacht. You can find whatever you want, you just may have to be brave enough to face some competition for it.

14 LOVE - Heists

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If you are looking to pick up some huge chunks of cash or are just looking to kill some time, there is no shortage of jobs that can be pulled off. They range from the easy to the almost impossible and you can certainly find something that is to your liking.

There are jobs that Lamar will give you to do that are a little easier than the bigger heists, but that doesn’t mean they are any less fun to do. You can infiltrate a gang funeral and steal the hearse that’s filled with cocaine, or help a recently caught criminal escape from the police before he is brought to prison. If someone is already in prison you can even break them out of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. When you get to the higher paying jobs you can even earn upwards of $10 million or more! But make sure you bring plenty of body armor and ammo because you’re going to need it.

Get your crew together and rob the local Fleeca Bank, raid Humane Labs, pull off the Pacific Standard job or find another heist to pull off with your friends. There are countless choices for you to make some money but one thing is certain in Los Santos, you need major amounts of cash if you’re going to survive!

13 LOVE - Races

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If you like to put your driving skills to the test, jumping into a race is a great way to find out where you rank against other players from across the world. You can choose from several different vehicles in the races and sometimes you can even drive your own vehicles to see if they are strong enough. But don’t put your own cars into races unless you don’t mind a scratch or two because the competition is tough.

The stunt races are loads of fun and they include everything that you might need to create a fun race. Plenty of speed, lots of jumps that will give you plenty of air, hairpin turns above the city with no guard rails, and loops that will definitely test your skill at staying on the track.

The Premium races are a step above the stunt races and you may want to wait on joining these until you are a better racer. But they are fun to join regardless of your experience level. They aren't free to enter and will cost you twenty-thousand dollars to get a place on the track and only the winner will collect a cash reward at the end. Everyone that races receives reputation points to help them level up, but if you want that one million dollar prize you’ll have to be better than the rest and finish in first place. In the Premium races, second place is only good enough to be the first finisher that doesn’t get paid.

12 LOVE - Entourage/Survival

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If you’re looking to earn some money and reputation points by taking out some other players, these are two modes that you can join that will give you what you need.

In Survival, you and your team of friends will go up against some of the baddest guys in Los Santos, and they have only one thing on their minds. They want you dead and it’s truly a game that lives up to its name. There are several great maps to choose from for this nonstop action and just when you think that you have killed all of the bad guys another wave comes to take you out. The longer your team lasts the more money you’ll earn and there are a total of ten waves of bad guys. If you can get through all ten waves the payout is very nice, but it’s not easy!

The recently released Entourage mode is also lots of fun and it pits players against other players. One team is made up of a target and several bodyguards. They must keep the target alive and help him reach the extraction zone. But there is also a team of assassins that don’t want the target to get there and they will do everything in their power to keep him (or her) from reaching that chopper. If you are on the winning team at the end the cash payouts can be substantial.

11 LOVE - There Is Always New Content

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is a game that truly never ends. The open world never stops and just because you may not be online, that doesn’t mean that Los Santos goes to sleep. It’s a never ending world and Rockstar is always adding new content to keep things fresh.

They add new vehicles that you can buy (or steal) just about every week and they are always updating the game with new tracks for racing or new game modes. They are seemingly constantly working on new things to bring to the game and it makes the gameplay truly unique.

Each time you fire up your Playstation or Xbox you never know what you’ll find. It could be new clothes that are available to be purchased at the local clothing store, or maybe the neighborhood gun shop, Ammu-Nation, has a new weapon available for you to try out.

Sometimes you buy a game and feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth. With GTA 5 Online you get probably the best bang for your buck ever. Who can be upset when a game is constantly getting better and having new content added on a weekly basis? That might just be the best thing about the game overall; the fact that it is always changing and getting better. Giving a player more options for fun all the time is never a bad thing!

10 HATE - People Who'll Wait Outside Of Your Apartment To Kill You

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While Grand Theft Auto 5 Online is loads of fun, there are some drawbacks to the game as well. Nothing can be absolutely perfect and we all know this. One of the things that happen a lot in the free world is people kill other people. So you have to always be aware of who is around you. Using the small map in the corner of the screen is a good way to do this. But if you have enough money to buy a nice apartment, be sure to know who is around when you leave.

There will often be people that will hang around outside of high-rise apartment buildings just waiting for its residents to come out. They will kill you as soon as you exit the building or parking garage and if you have any cash on you, kiss it goodbye, along with your life. It can be avoided though!

First of all, you should never carry cash. Always deposit any winnings into the bank right away either at an ATM or on your phone app. And when you are leaving your residence know where you want to go ahead of time. Drive out and get right on your way. If you exit the building and stop even for a moment you could find yourself on the wrong end of a bullet. (Or rocket launcher.)

9 HATE - Idiots That Kill People For No Reason

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This is a major problem in the free mode. There are those that roam the streets of Los Santos just looking to commit murder for no reason. If you have a bounty that has been placed on you or if you are carrying a large sum of cash you can expect to be attacked. But the attacks that happen for no reason at all can make the game extremely frustrating at times.

A simple trip from your home to the local gun shop that is only four or five blocks away can sometimes take an hour to carry out. If there is an idiot that has targeted you for his attack for no reason, they usually don’t stop at one killing. Once you respawn they will be looking for you and kill you again. And again. And again. It accomplishes nothing more than making your gameplay experience miserable and very frustrating at times.

If this happens to you, try to get off the street as quickly as possible and find a place where your stalker can’t get to you. Once you are no longer an easy target they will usually move on and look for someone else to harass. You can also “ghost” yourself to a certain player so they can no longer see you, or you can activate “passive mode” so they can no longer shoot you. But there is a drawback to passive mode as you can’t use any of your own weapons if you need to. So in order to do a lot of things, you’ll need to find a safe place and deactivate the passive mode, but it can still be handy in a tough situation.


8 HATE - Microphone Idiots

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As with any type of online game, GTA 5 Online has its share of idiots that play the game. These are the types of people that do everything they can to ruin your online gaming experience. A few methods to avoid these types of people have been mentioned above but there is one thing that you can’t avoid; they are referred to as The Microphone Idiots.

These are the people that play the game with a headset or microphone and everyone that is playing can hear them. The concept is a great idea as it allows people to communicate and collaborate for successful missions. But you know what doesn't help communication? Someone who screams into their mic or has music or some other God awful noise blasting in the background. The noises echo through the game and prevent you from hearing your partner and the game around you.

In free mode, you can shut these people up and not hear them, but it’s not an option if you enter a job, heist or race. The only thing that you can do to combat one of these morons is to mute your television which takes away from the fun of the game. You can always quit the game as well but if that’s the only option, what’s the point of playing? Rockstar needs to expand their system to allow blocking of these people during other areas of gameplay that aren’t free mode.

7 HATE - Not Enough Save Points In Jobs

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Something that Rockstar really should focus on is creating more save points during jobs and heists. Some of the heists take a while to carry out and nothing is more frustrating than to be near the end and have a member of your team meet their death. If you choose to continue on and try it again you are brought back to a save point so you don’t have to start all the way at the beginning again, but a lot of times it’s almost as bad. Having to replay the same cut scenes and same events over and over again can become frustrating and not at all fun.

Anyone that plays out any of these jobs can easily find spots that could be triggered and used upon a restart, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Rockstar to do it as well.

After a few failures in a row, it’s definitely a deciding factor that leads a lot of people to quit jobs before they are completed. And sometimes finding people to join in on these heists is hard and can take a long time. So you don’t want them quitting on you after a few failures. Something as simple as creating even just one more save point per heist could make the gameplay experience more fun. Two would be ideal but most players would settle for just one more. Are you listening, Rockstar?

6 HATE - Paying Money To Get Online

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Having to pay additional money to play online should be a crime. There is no way around that. When you shell out sixty dollars or more for a game it should include everything that comes with it. And that includes online play. These days the game companies are trying to find any way they can to steal more money from their customer base. A few years back they started the practice of including features within the games that can help you succeed, but they came at an additional cost to the consumer. That’s the ultimate “screw you” that game companies give to the very people that keep them in business.

Previously when you bought a new game, you knew that if you wanted to, you could play online against your friends. Now this can only be done if you shell out another fifty bucks a year for online access. So that’s sixty dollars or more for the game itself and another fifty to be able to play it online. A total of more than $110 to be able to play the game you love online. It’s ridiculous and should be against the law.

The only way that it will ever change back is if the general public boycotted online play and stopped paying the money. As with anything else in this world, the best way to get someone’s attention is by affecting their wallet. But with so many players around the world, not enough of them would actually do it. People like to talk the talk but when it comes time to walk the walk it’s a different story. So, unfortunately, this practice will probably never go away.

5 NEED TO KNOW - Difficulty Level Impacts Your Cash Rewards

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It’s always surprising when someone plays a game a lot and still doesn’t really understand how things work in it. I have talked with countless people that play GTA 5 Online that complain that they don’t get enough cash and rep points when they complete a job or heist. Then it comes out that they play on the easiest level. While that’s fine for completing the task a bit more easily, it also shows in the rewards that are given for doing so.

If you complete a heist on normal or hard levels, the rewards are much higher than completing it on the easy level. This makes perfect sense as it’s more challenging to complete the harder mission. Setting your difficulty to normal will give you normal rewards in cash and rep points and sometimes, depending on the job, it will even give you 1.25 times the points and cash.

It’s a perfect system that rewards those who make things more challenging. Sure you have to work harder for completion, but if you want those big pay days you’ll have to suck it up and do it the hard way.

4 NEED TO KNOW - You Can Make $700,000 An Hour

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All over the internet, you will find quick fixes to make money on GTA 5 Online. It makes sense because as they say “Cash is king” and you need plenty of it to be successful in Los Santos. The problem with these online remedies is that most of them don’t work. They have either been patched by Rockstar or they just never worked in the first place.

However, there is one that does work and it will allow you to make around $700,000 in an hour of gameplay. The job is called “Mixed up with Coke” and the object is to destroy the cement trucks that are loaded with cocaine. At first, you could replay this mission over and over again (it’s pretty easy to complete) and rack up some serious cash. It’s now not as easy to do as it once was because Rockstar did apply a minor patch to it. But you can still repeat the job several times and bring in a huge payday.

When you get tired of playing out the same mission over and over again, make sure to deposit your cash rewards into the bank as soon as possible. You don’t want a stalker to come and kill you and take the money that you just spent an hour or so making.

3 NEED TO KNOW - Down Arrow Has Several Uses

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On the PS4 many people use the down arrow to see who is online or how much money they have. While driving around Los Santos it’s a quick way to find out how many people are on your server, if any friends are online or how much money you currently have (in cash and in the bank). But a lot of people don’t realize that it is actually a very useful button throughout the game.

When you are standing in your garage you can press the down arrow and you will get the normal online player and money report, but if you hold it you will also get a report on your cars. You'll get stats and you can also find out which of your vehicles have full coverage insurance. This is particularly useful when you consider that just because you have previously purchased insurance for your vehicle, doesn’t mean it’s still there. Sometimes for no apparent reason the policies are dropped and once your car is gone it’s too late. It’s a good idea to check before leaving your garage. It’s better to take an extra second to check and not lose a vehicle you put tons of cash into fixing up.

When you are driving around the city you can also push the down arrow twice. This will double the size of the small corner map so you can see a larger area of where you are. This is very helpful when the cops are closing in on you.

2 NEED TO KNOW - The Game Cannot Be Paused

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If you need to take a look at the map and get directions for your next destination, you’d better find a safe place to pull over. Unlike the Story Mode for GTA 5, where the pause feature is useful, you can’t pause the game in the Online mode.

If you are cruising down the street at 100 miles per hour, need to look at the map and bring it up, you will see it just fine. The problem is that the game doesn’t pause and your car keeps flying down the road, uncontrolled. This leads to accidents and people being run over and inevitably the cops will come after you.

If you need to deposit money into the bank via your phone or take a look at the map, it’s always best to find a nice hiding place. This way your car is parked and you won’t kill anyone walking down the street. And better yet the life you save just might be your own. Being hidden behind a building or something of the sort is a good way to buy some time to see what you need on the map. Once you stop moving in Los Santos you are a bigger target for the stalkers. So being hidden obviously makes it a bit harder for them to find you.

1 NEED TO KNOW - Grand Theft Auto 6 Is In The Works

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For everyone out there wondering, there is indeed a Grand Theft Auto 6 that is in the works. A trailer has been released but it gives no information on game details, characters or location.

The trailer that can be found online looks very similar to a San Francisco location but the exact location has not been 100% determined as of yet. Rockstar did a lot of research into Tokyo as a location but decided against it because of the confusing road system there. Now there are rumors that GTA 6 might take place in Las Vegas. There are also rumors that it could take place in London but don’t put much thought into that one. It probably won’t happen due to the right-hand drive vehicles over there. The game would have to be completely reworked.

It’s not something that’s going to be coming out very soon so don’t plan your trip to Game Stop just yet. There is a planned released of a new PS5 and Xbox 2 in around 2019 and it’s very possible that GTA 6 would be released to coincide with those releases.

Something that would be a nice addition to the game is the strong rumor of a female lead character. Eva Mendes is attached to these rumors that say she will be voicing the first female lead character in the franchise’s history. It has been reported that 6 will be similar to 5 where there were several lead characters that could be played.


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