Gift Ideas From One Billionaire To Another

There comes a time in every billionaire's life when they will have to purchase a gift for a dear friend that shares the same financial status. This does raise a concern, what does a billionaire buy an

There comes a time in every billionaire's life when they will have to purchase a gift for a dear friend that shares the same financial status. This does raise a concern, what does a billionaire buy another billionaire? Realistically they could purchase islands for one another such as Larry Ellison's $500 million Hawaiian island, but lets imagine gifts on a much smaller scale.

Billionaires will not be purchasing the gifts themselves, they most likely have a team of brilliant individuals to help come up with unique ideas to gift a friend or family member. Indeed, for many of us, gift giving is the primary way in which we express our appreciation and love for others, and the primary way in which we feel appreciated and loved in turn. However, there are cases where expectations are raised and products you can gift are limited. One such case is gifting somebody who is super rich with unlimited bank account. So, what do you gift somebody who seems to have everything. Some people have so much money that even the highest priced gifts are affordable for them. The richer they may be, the harder it is to get an adequate and meaningful gift for them. In this holiday season, we have compiled a list of some of the most expensive gifts present on the market today. As different people have different tastes and preferences, this list will make it easy for you to decide on the type of gift you should be giving a person.

10 Jewelry & Designs Candle - $ 5,000

Luxury Candles never come cheap. But, often they don’t carry six figure price tags. Bucci Jewelry & Designs has created this exclusive candle range for Welcome Home Candles.

A diamond bow necklace surrounds each soy candle. Each necklace has 38 diamonds totaling 2.23 carats placed on a bed of white gold. Not only is this gift one that will add a lovely fragrance to a room but it will also be a great conversation piece. Costly gifts are rarely this luxurious.

9 9 .  Gold Basin Sink - $ 80,000

Luxury Edition & Gallery- luxury designers have made the worlds most expensive sink that is coated with 24-karat gold and of course diamond accents.

This gold encrusted basin could be the perfect gift for the price tag $80,000. The designer of this luxurious product- Bo Karisson has a grand selection of luxury home decor all of which are priced in the same range.

If the basin isn't enough bling for you, Luxury Edition & Gallery also sell a $1.5 million crystal bathtub or a $21,000 crystal sink.

8 JF-260 Jetpack - $ 135,000

If you are looking for expensive gifts that are fun, check out JetLev Flyer. The JF-260 is definitely the fastest and most agile Jetlev-Flyer in the world. It’s convenient and compact to carry, and can trigger an over water flight wherever and whenever required.

You may not even require a partner to man the boat attachment. The JetLev Flyer is connected to the boat by a flexible supply hose that lets you reach greatest heights. Consider it a higher-powered hose connected to a 4-stroke boat. This luxurious product is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

7 Caran D'Ache 1010 Pen - $ 174, 000

Premier luxury stationery manufacturer, Caran d’Ache is known for its talent in crafting products of extreme luxury. In addition to its list of high profile luxury pens, they introduced the 18 karat gold  Caran d’Ache ‘1010’ Fountain Pen.

Each exclusive edition of this fountain pens has diamonds worth 24.61 carats with the inclusion of a ruby and sapphire crystals. Caran D' Ache pen also features design elements of Swiss watches on the lid and the body. A notable feature is the transparent skeleton barrel. Caran d’Ache only manufactured 10 of these unique pieces, each carrying a hefty price tag of $174,000, perfect as a gift for a loved one.

6 Private Bar - $ 190,000

Created by Johnnie Walker Blue Label in collaboration with Porsche Design Studio, this private bar is a great gift for rich individuals who like to entertain small groups of people in a private setting. Only 50 of these luxurious private bars were ever made. Each whiskey bottle included with the bar was specially hand-picked by Master Blender Jim Beveridge from the rarest the company’s reserves in Scotland

The luxury bar is equipped with state-of-the-art motion sensors. Opening up upon arrival- to reveal an individually numbered bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky alongside an ice-chiller, stainless steel tongs and four crystal glasses.

Standing tall at 2.2 meters, the bar is made up of materials like polished stainless-steel, Australian lace wood and shagreen leather. We like its sleek shape that makes it compact as well as a perfect fit for a modern home.

5 Panasonic 152UX1 Plasma TV - $ 480,000

If you feel that bigger is better, you 're likely to adore this 152 - inch plasma TV. The screen area of the TV is nine times more than the dimensions of a 50 inch plasma TV, so you will appreciate the 4K display resolution it features. Additionally, it has 3D to get the full effect of 3D Blu-ray. In reality the price of this television can easily afford you a house, so keep the bill in case it is to be returned.

4 Baron Surfboard - $ 1.3 Million 

Gift your uber-rich friend something that helps conquer stress. Something like world's most costly surf board, maybe. Baron surfboard by designer Roy Stuart happens to be the highest priced surfboard on the planet.

Measuring in at 12 feet, the Baron Dragon Board is much more than an average surfboard. Inspired by the " Olo Longboards "of the pre-colonial times, this board promises an exciting experience. This advanced hydrodynamic board is faster, thinner and much more costly than the majority of surfboards.

3 Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile – $1.5 Million

At first the price tag of this watch may seem high but when taking all of the aspects intro consideration, this watch is priced quite reasonably. Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile is considered to be one of the most complex watches ever made as it was made in celebration of Vacheron Constantin's 25oth anniversary back in 2005.

Made up of 834 parts with over 10.000 hours to be produced (more than an year). The watch has two faces, which shows the same time, its case is made of gold. The Tour de l’Ile has a minute repeater, two timezones, perpetual calendar, sunset time, and a tourbillion device. Only 7 units of this watch was produced all over the world.

2 Asanti ASF 130 Series Rims - $2 Million

Every billionaire wants to travel in style. These diamond-encrusted rims are perfect for making a statement. The Asanti AFS 103 is available in 30 or 34 inch versions, and every group of four is adorned with 26,000 diamonds and 1200 rubies or sapphires, based on the color you choose.

If you are wondering what type of car you will be able to use these rims with, you will be glad to know that Asanti throws Bentley Continental GT with every set. Theft must not be an issue either because you get your very own security guard for full one year.

1 Gulfstream G650 Private Jet - $ 58 Million

Commercial flying is really a pain nowadays. Getting your own private jet seems obvious, when you can swing the cost. Gulfstream has always been a frontrunner in private aviation, and G650 pushes the performance envelope to a different level.

Having a range of about 7000 miles with top speed close to Mach 1, the G650 could get halfway over the world faster than any commercial airliner.

There is no denial to the fact that buying gifts for the super rich is a difficult task. However, the products mentioned above are sure to entice any friendly billionaire. Good luck with your gift buying endeavor!

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Gift Ideas From One Billionaire To Another