Gia thinks their Dog is expecting! Says, Courtney Lopez

Mario Lopez is definitely a man who is known to keep is word. After getting married to his long time girl friend Courtney in December last year, he is all set to become a father again. Now immediately after the wedding took place, Mario had given an interview to the media saying that both he and Courtney would work as much as they possibly could to expand their family. He and Courtney want a big family and like some other couples they made their interest in this matter quite clear.

In January, it was announced by Courtney that the two of them are indeed expecting, and that a second child is all set to be born to the Lopez’s very soon. However while the two of them are extremely excited about having a second child, the one who is even more excited at the prospect of a new baby arriving in the family, is their first daughter Gia Francisca who is all of two years of age! Speaking to People Magazine, Courtney Lopez said that Gia had somehow figured out that Courtney was pregnant and that there was going to be a new addition to the family very soon. She said that Gia even knew that the dog in their home was pregnant! All in all, the atmosphere in the Lopez household is quite a joyous one these days. Having a baby will always lighten up a couple. Mario and his wife are absolutely over the moon over being blessed with a second child.

Courtney Lopez however reveals that being a mother is not all that smooth an experience. The initial few days of being pregnant were for her, quite bumpy indeed. She has now however, got used to the state of being pregnant, and will soon be seeing gracing the camera and social events wearing frocks that are of knee length, sometimes even covering the floor. She will look both graceful and stylish in such outfits.

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Gia thinks their Dog is expecting! Says, Courtney Lopez