Game of Thrones: 12 Major Characters Who Will Die This Season

'The night is long and full of terrors' and now those smug, arrogant friends of yours and those internet trolls who read the books are as much in the dark as the rest of us are. No longer can they hold their knowledge of what is most likely going to happen over our heads. That person that got you to watch the show and had you thinking that Lord Stark would be crowned King? Nope. That friend who was smirking when 'Rains of Castamere' started to play before 'The Red Wedding?" Not a chance. That week on the internet when 80's comedian Gallagher became really popular right before The Red Viper squared off with The Mountain? Done. And last but not least, all that talk about Jon Snow becoming the new King of Westeros are now as cold and silent as his frozen corpse.  Nobody knows what's coming now.

The show itself, which began in 2011, has now surpassed the source material of the books that were first published in 1996; the last of which was published the same year the TV show started. The show has now come to a point where the writers of the show will basically do what they want. I'm sure there have been conversations with A Song of Fire and Ice writer George R.R. Martin and they will attempt to follow the same path as the yet to be written novels. However, Martin is the kind of writer who clearly just does whatever he wants. Who's to say that he won't watch what happens in the show and then decide to do something completely different. The moment season six airs on April 24th all the readers and all the viewers will be on the same page for once.  Be warned, though, there are spoilers aplenty ahead.

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12 Ser Jorah Mormont

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We'll begin with those we know for a fact are not long for this world. Last season, Jorah became infected by a disease known as Greyscale by a group of the infected persons known as Stone Men whilst trying to save his and Tyrion Lannister's lives. The disease is a little like leprosy, except it turns the skin into unliving hard flesh, killing nerves and disfiguring the infected in the process. It has been seen before, not only by the Stone Men, but the daughter of Stannis Baratheon named Shireen managed to stop the disease but it left half of her face covered. It's safe to say that if Jorah knew about a cure, he would have gone in search of it by now.

Sir Jorah Mormont's entire story revolves around Dany (Daenerys Targaryen) and his love for not only her but his desire to see her succeed. I imagine that he will succeed in at least one of these feats. The chances of him dying this season are very likely. If I were writing his death I would say it's going to happen at the end of the season. Probably right after Dany unites her Dothraki Horde and her Unsullied Soldiers and is standing on the shores of Essos ready to cross the Narrow Sea and invade Westeros. He will confess his love for her and regardless of what she says, Jorah will stay behind as Dany sails off to follow her destiny. He will remain on the shore, slowly succumbing to his disease and will inevitably become a stone monument...

11 Alliser Thorne

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I'm not one for politics, but you probably shouldn't be allowed to be the next Lord Commander of the Night's Watch if you were the first person to help stab the last Lord Commander to death. That being said, Alliser is most likely going to be the next Lord Commander. That also being said, I don't believe the Night's Watch are long for this world.. at least not in their current form.

They weren't the most imposing force in Westeros to begin with and now after several battles against Wildlings and White Walkers they have been left in shambles. If the White Walkers are as dangerous as we're led to believe, then this may be the last season that there is a Night's Watch. The White Walkers have already taken over all the Wildling lands, so The Wall may be their next target and from there they will build their forces and wait for winter to spread further South. Hate him or not, Alliser Thorne is a loyal member of the Night's Watch and will do his duty until death. I imagine his end will come at the hands of a White Walker. Bonus: That little punk Olly is going to be turned into a White Walker to replace the one Jon killed.

10 Roose Bolton

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After defeating Stannis' army, he will return home to find his wife and the key to capturing the North, Sansa Stark, has vanished. Roose Bolton and his son Ramsey have the most powerful army in the North, but they've also made enemies of everyone including the Starks, Greyjoys and the Tullies. Most of the battle scenes in the trailer had Bolton soldiers fighting what look like remnants of Wildlling, Stark and Night's Watch soldiers. Which leads many to believe that Jon Snow has in fact returned from the dead at this point because who else would all three of those groups unite behind? While Roose is fighting them, his son is sent to chase after Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy, who may be running to Theon's birthplace in The Iron Isles. With the introduction of more Greyjoy characters, we know that is where that storyline is heading.. which doesn't bode well for the Boltons. Ramsey may survive this season, but it is doubtful that Roose Bolton will make it to season seven.

9 Melisandre 'The Red Woman'

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Everyone hated this woman from the start and now all of those people are banking on her to bring their beloved Jon Snow back from the dead. So how heartbreaking will it be when she is killed before she gets a chance to do so? I am in the camp that believes she has nothing to do with Jon Snow coming back from the dead and instead believe that Jon's dormant Targaryen blood will emerge when the Night's Watch set fire to his corpse to stop him from being a wight (the white-eyed zombie fighters of the White Walkers). Nobody can doubt that she has power given to her by The Lord of Light, but there are many gods in this world and while her visions may have once been accurate it is now believed that she was just wishful thinking. She somehow convinces Davos (her greatest rival) to aid her in her attempt to do something with Jon's corpse, but I think it will be a failed mission for them in the end.

8 The High Sparrow and Lancel Lannister

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With things going South for Cersei at King's Landing and the news of the death of another one of her children, she may call it quits at being Queen (former Queen) and take up the mantel her father once held, becoming the head of the House Lannister and protecting her remaining children's legacy from afar where she'll get away with doing more evil things, I assume. Also, a war with Dorne is probably going to happen.

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Double Kill! As much as everyone loves to hate Cersei Lannister, the High Sparrow and Lancel Lannister are kind of annoying and deserve to be knocked off their high horses. There's supposed to be a trial for Cersei, but something tells me even if she is found innocent she is not going to take the embarrassment she suffered last season lightly. I imagine Lancel is going to be carved in half by what we assume to be Frankenstein/Mountain (aka Sir Gregor Clegane) and that The High Sparrow is probably going to be thrown from a window.

7 Rhaegar Targaryen

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Who? What? There is a shot in the trailer that shows a group of young men who don't look familiar but could in fact be younger versions of people who died in or before Season One began. What looks like a young Ned Stark, what could be a young and future king named Robert Baratheon, and a few other Stark brothers. There is also another shot of a knight wearing Targaryen armor which would lead one to believe that these could be flashbacks to the events of Robert's Rebellion, the last war that took place that put the House of Baratheon in charge of Westeros. It also may involve the mysterious circumstances of Jon Snow's true origins. Rhaegar Targaryen is actually Dany's older brother and is believed to have had an affair with Ned's sister (who Robert was set to marry himself). The rebellion ends with Robert killing Rhaegar at the Battle of The Trident and Jamie Lannister killing The Mad King. If this is in fact what is being shown, then fans may be treated to one of the coolest fights yet.

6 Sandor Clegane

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In a show that doesn't shy away from showing death on-screen, there are still three possible deaths that have been left hanging in the balance. Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane was left to die after falling off a cliff, but the man has probably suffered worse. The chances of him surviving aren't likely, but after having encountered The Brotherhood Without Banners and seeing firsthand that a man he killed was brought back from the dead - some might call that encounter foreshadowing. Then again, someone will probably say in passing that they found his corpse somewhere and that will be that.

5 Syrio Forel 

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Syrio Forel was the first teacher that Arya Stark had. The greatest sword fighter from Braavos was supposedly killed off-screen by a member of the King's Guard. There are a handful of theories that say that Syrio Forel is a member of the Faceless Men, the order of assassins that Arya's current teacher is a part of and that Syrio may even be Jaqen himself. However, this thread is about people who are likely to die or are now revealed to finally be dead. Both of their faces may show up in the Hall of Faces.

4 Benjen Stark

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Another person who died off-screen was Jon Snow's uncle Benjen. A ranger who vanished days after Jon Snow arrived in Castle Black. Jon Snow met his fate believing a lie that someone had information about his Uncle's death. It's possible that somewhere in the North Benjen is still alive, but more likely that his dead corpse will appear as an undead wight fighting the Night's Watch, thus ending the mystery. The fate of at least one of these characters should be revealed this season.

3 Daario Naharis

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The man so nice they cast him twice! Currently on a quest to find his secret lover, Dany, alongside the man who truly loves her. Daario's charm is wearing thin and love stories in Game of Thrones don't ever have a happy ending. This one has been going on for three seasons and in Game of Throne's years, that's cause for a 50th Anniversary Celebration. When it comes to characters clustering around a main character, Dany is guilty of having the most. When an advisor dies, two more appear. It would be one thing if some of those advisors secretly hated her (as every ruler of King's Landing has had someone conspiring to kill the person they're meant to serve). Dany, on the other hand, has nothing but loyal members of her council and that doesn't bode well for plot development. With Jorah making an exit soon and Tyrion and Varys becoming members of her inner circle as well as more potential Dothraki characters entering the scene, the chances of Daario crossing the Narrow Sea with Dany are slim indeed.

2 Bronn

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This mercenary is basically the Game of Thrones version of Darryl Dixon. Whenever he comes on-screen it is to do something amazing. From saving the life of our favorite dwarf to amassing the highest deathtoll by a single person in the Battle of Blackwater, Bronn has been the most un-loyally loyal character since the show started. However, his previous adventure into Dorne with Jamie Lannister may be his last.

As a character who's best known for making jokes or being adventure fodder there really isn't much more Bronn can do as a character. His chemistry with Jamie was funny, but it's doubtful he'll be as friendly with him as he was with Tyrion. However, if his end isn't met at the end of a blade, I think it would be a funny twist if this murderous sell-sword retires peacefully and fades from the story never to be heard from again. After all, he went from being a mercenary to a lord with land and a castle by the sea. I can't imagine he'd be dumb enough to risk throwing that away to get involved in the lives of people he doesn't care about.

1 Sansa Stark

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"If you think this story has a happy ending.. You haven't been paying attention."That's a quote from the twitter of George R.R. Martin himself. A common theme of this show and the books has been almost getting what you want and then getting punched in the stomach. It appeared Ned Stark would take over King's Landing before he got his head chopped off. It appeared Robb Stark would take over the North before being gutted like a fish. It seemed Tyrion would win his trial by combat again before his champion got his head smashed in. And lastly, it appeared Jon Snow would reclaim the North himself before he also got stabbed to death. I'm in the boat that doesn't think Jon Snow is dead. In some form or another, he will return to reclaim the North and do battle with the White Walkers.

Dany will take over Westeros from the South and Jon and Dany's army will then unite to fight the army of the dead. For something amazing like that to happen, something terrible has to happen beforehand.The last five seasons have had us hating Sansa Stark, then rooting for her, then watching as she became a slave again and this season it appears she is starting to take power in the North- which didn't end well for her brother. I think the show/book is more about Jon Snow than it is about Sansa. That being said, if Jon Snow does come back to life and retakes the North and is on his way to rescue Sansa from Ramsay, then she is more than likely going to die before they get a chance to see one another. Whether at her own hands or at the hands of Ramsay Bolton this could very well happen because that is how this show has been thus far and it's only grown more popular the worse it treats our favorite characters. Why would they ever change their formula now?

Sources: wikia, winteriscoming

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