Former Stars on the Bachelor and Bachelorette are Going up in Auction for Charity

Both Martinez and Locke are going to auction themselves for their lady fans. The highest bidder will be able to go out on a date with the person, privately of course. There is no question of double dating with these two. The date will include activities like surfing, horseback riding, and of course dining by the fireside on a beach. This sounds terribly exciting. We cannot wait to find out who the lucky winners are going to be. Martinez and Locke are exceptionally good-looking men. They will thus surely be successful in raising a lot of money at the auction. After all, there are plenty of ladies out there with a fat purse.

Lindsay Yenter, who was once considered to be a likely winner of the Bachelor before Sean Lowe turned her down, is also putting herself up for auction. She too is doing this for a charity that is based in LA. It was a huge disappointment for both Lindsay and her fans when Sean rejected her on the Bachelor. This move was seen as unprecedented. Some people even say that it was the biggest mistake Sean has made in his life.

Lindsay is now more than happy to put the past behind her and start afresh. The auction is going to be broadcasted on television. The lucky winner is certain to have the time of his life with her.

Courtney Robinson who won the heart of The Bachelor in season 16, only to breakup later, is also going to be auctioning herself. Courtney is a vibrant and vivacious girl. Of course, the highest bidder should be a fun person himself, or else he is going to prove to be too boring for this girl. Lesley Murphy who took part in Season 17 of The Bachelor will accompany her for the auction.


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Former Stars on the Bachelor and Bachelorette are Going up in Auction for Charity