Famous Mother-Daughter Feuds

Whether it is the overload of estrogen causing emotional chaos, or a case of unhealthy competition, mother-daughter relationships can be especially contentious. There have been countless stories in the media involving stars that claim their mothers betrayed them by pilfering their riches, or selling intimate stories to the tabloids.

Other feuds stem from alleged childhood mistreatment and neglect, like the estrangement of actress Drew Barrymore and her mother Jaid. Drew famously won legal emancipation from her parents at age 15. In the February 2014 issue of ‘Marie Claire’, Drew reveled that she still has no communication with her mother. The 1978 publication of the book ‘Mommie Dearest’, written by film star Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina, was one of the earliest books of its kind. In it, Christina depicted her life with the Hollywood icon, which she described as an alcoholic that was promiscuous, controlling and violent. Though Joan disputed her daughter’s allegations before the book was published, the tell-all became a best seller and was later adapted into a film. Not to be outdone, even in death, Joan reportedly cut her daughter out of her will. Today, Hollywood’s mother-daughter feuds are also played out in the media using reality television, radio, blogs, tabloids, magazines and social media. This type of public interplay no doubt only adds to the conflict by creating even more bitterness, discouraging a quick reconciliation. Here is a look at other famous mother-daughter feuds:

8 Mia Farrow & Soon-Yi

Actress Mia Farrow adopted daughter Soon-Yi at the age of 8, with then-husband André Previn. The mother daughter duo have been divided since Mia’s split with former partner of 12 years, director Woody Allen. The 1992 break up occurred after Mia found photos of Soon-Yi and learned of her daughter’s romantic involvement with Woody. Mia and Woody share a son together, Ronan, and adopted several children during their relationship, including daughter Dylan. However, Woody was not the adopted father of Soon-Yi and she has claimed in the media that she never viewed him as a father-figure while growing up. Soon-Yi and Woody's relationship allegedly began when Soon-Yi was 17 and she married Woody at age 19. The scandal was the focus of media attention again in January, when Woody received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 Golden Globes. Mia has been quoted as saying that she no longer considers Soon-Yi her daughter, calling her “strange and estranged”.

7 Alice & Rebecca Walker

Famed author Alice Walker describes her estrangement from her daughter as unexpected, in her new PBS film biography ‘Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth’. While she holds out hope for reconciliation for the sake of having a relationship with her grandson, Rebecca paints a less than pleasant picture of her childhood. In her 2007 book, 'Baby Love', she describes her mother as being ambivalent to motherhood. She detailed the experience of being abandoned in their San Francisco apartment, while her mother traveled frequently for work and attended writing retreats. After the book was published, Rebecca told the media that her mother had disinherited her through a letter. Alice has publicly dismissed her daughter’s claims as slander and denies removing her daughter from her will. Rebecca did not make an appearance in the recent PBS film.

6 Candy & Tori Spelling

Actress Tori Spelling and her mother’s relationship deteriorated after the death of her father, legendary television producer Aaron Spelling. Candy received the bulk of her husband’s half-billion dollar estate, while Tori received less than half a million. In her 2006 book, ‘Mommywood’, Tori described her relationship with her mother as dysfunctional. In a 2008 interview with 20/20, Tori claimed that she learned about her father’s death through an e-mail from a friend. She went on to state that despite her family’s riches, she did not believe her mother would help provide for her grandchildren. Candy rejected Tori's claims, reporting that her grandchildren have trust funds in place. Further complicating matters, Candy wrote an open letter to her daughter, which was published on TMZ, bashing Tori for exploiting her family on reality TV. Tori has since allowed her mother back into her life, after Candy made several public pleas for reconciliation.

5 Courtney Love & Francis Bean Cobain

In 2009, Courtney Love lost custody of her daughter Francis Bean, to her grandparents (the parents of deceased singer Kurt Cobain). The custody battle ensued after several years of Courtney’s drug abuse and crude public behavior. In 2012, the singer and her daughter warred on Twitter after Courtney posted that Francis had allowed her father’s former Nirvana band mate, Dave Grohl, to grope her. Silent during the prior years of estrangement, Francis responded to her mother’s Twitter tirade by stating the allegations were “gross” and untrue. Courtney and Grohl have been at odds since Cobain’s suicide in 1994, after she claimed he stole band profits that should have gone to her family. Courtney later apologized to Francis and, though the two have not seen each other in years due to a restraining order, she told Howard Stern in a 2013 interview that they exchange e-mail and tweets.

4 Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

In a battle that reportedly stemmed from her daughters refusal to end communication with her former stepfather, actor Ashton Kutcher, actress Demi Moore and her oldest daughter Rumer Willis stopped communicating in 2012. Sources told the New York Daily News that Demi had been on the outs with all three of her daughters, Rumer, 25, Scout, 22, and Tallulah, 20, after she was repeatedly photographed in public partying and acting outlandish following her divorce. Rumer allegedly began to take steps to try to repair her relationship with her mother in 2013, after several months of estrangement. Sources claim that Rumer and Demi’s famous ex-husband, actor Bruce Willis, have both been working to patch up the relationship between Demi and her younger daughters.

3 Patti & Kendra Wilkinson

The feud between reality television star Kendra Wilkinson and her mom, Patti, went viral late last year. Patti wrote on Facebook that her daughter wished death upon her after a confrontation. News of Kendra’s second pregnancy reportedly hit magazines before she shared the good news with her family, which did not sit well with her mother. The former Playboy model’s brother, Colin, corroborated his mother’s version of the story on Twitter, calling his sister an “inconsiderate psychotic”. Kendra and her husband, former NFL player Hank Baskett, are expecting a baby girl in the spring. Though the reality star has not reconciled with her mother, Colin told Radar in January that he hopes his sister will offer an apology and attempt to repair their relationship.

2 Lynne & Britney Spears

Pop icon Britney Spears and her mother, Lynne, have had an on-and-off again relationship since 2007. Sources reported that Britney wrote her mother a letter requesting that she stay away from her grandchildren while under the influence of prescription drugs. She was simultaneously served with a restraining order. In Lynne's memoir, 'Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World', she claims that Britney was acting under the control of her former manager, Sam Lufti. Lynne claimed Lufti attempted to sever Britney's relationship with her family. The tell-all also detailed Britney’s alcohol and drug use starting from the early age of 13. After Britney lost custody of her son’s by ex-husband Kevin Federline, and experienced several mental health hospitalizations, the pair were able to reconcile. Lynne was present for the Las Vegas debut of 'Britney: Piece Of Me' at the Planet Hollywood Resort in December 2013, to support her daughter.

1 Nancy Dow & Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston’s mother, Nancy, will not be invited to her upcoming wedding due to a rift in their relationship that began in 1996. The relationship was reportedly damaged after Nancy filmed a tell-all television interview and released a book, ‘From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir’. Nancy was noticeably absent from her daughter’s extravagant nuptials to Brad Pitt in 2000. Jennifer reportedly cried during a 2013 Vanity Fair interview, admitting that her mother has never even met her fiancé, director Justin Theroux.  She has referred to Nancy as a “disease” in the press, blaming her for self-esteem issues, but also admitted that it was difficult not to include her in recent wedding plans.

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