Ducks Make Phil Robertson a Millionaire

Phil Robertson owes all of his successes to ducks. Yes, ducks! Phil Robertson is an American businessman, television star and most popular as the “Duck Commander” with a net worth of $5 million.

He was born in Vivian, Louisina, has a lovely wife named Miss Kay and they have four sons. As money was scarce for their family, he opted for hunting and that led him to create the Duck Commander Duck Call in 1973, which manufactures duck whistles and became the most trusted brand by customers. Very passionate with duck hunting, Phil is very strict with his routine of no showering, no shaving and no washing of clothes during the duck hunting season.

His popularity has also risen, due to him having his own reality television series on A&E called Duck Dynasty. Through the show, his sales have skyrocketed. The company sold 60,000 duck calls in 2011 and last year, it has increased to 300,000. Their duck calls range from $20 to $175. The increase in their income coincides with the rating of the show which is the most watched documentary-style reality series. Phil also hired additional manpower to support the increase in sales.

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Ducks Make Phil Robertson a Millionaire