Dogs Who Look Like Their Celebrity Owners

We think it's adorable when celebrities end up having dogs who look like them. Notice we didn't say the celebrities look like their dogs, as that isn't quite as flattering. We love celebrities who love and respect their animals as it gives us respect for them as being genuinely kind and loving people.

When we started to research the celebrities to include in this article, it became clear there are many to choose from - not just as celebrity pet owners - but as owners of pets who look like themselves. A few other known talents who almost made it to the list with their look alike best friends are: Jon Stewart and Champ, Martha Stewart and Genghis Khan, and Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell.

We would have put Jennifer Aniston and her beloved Norman on the list, as they were a couple to behold and two peas in a pod. We heard Norman had passed "over the rainbow bridge" last year, however, and did not want to run an old photo that might make her sad. 

These photos will be a reminder to all that celebrities are people who live normal lives, just like we do, and are genuinely concerned about the well-being of other living creatures. After all, you can't be in the spotlight and be a poor dog owner. At least we hope not. Check out our list of celebs and their look-alike canines and see what you think.

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10 Penny and Blake Lively

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively strolls enthusiastically with mini-me, who looks like a stuffed animal toy dog that matches her coloring perfectly. Penny is beautiful and loves to smile for the camera as her owner gets noticed by the locals as she passes. Blake is tall and lanky and looks like she barely exerts an ounce of energy holding what appears to be a one-pound fur-ball. We love this photo as the two look happy as they spend the day hanging out.

9 Olivia and Jane Lynch

You have to love the look of this statuesque celebrity, Jane Lynch, walking her 12-inch high dog, Olivia, who is oblivious to the camera. What's seriously cute is how Jane is controlling her stride to make sure her little friend doesn't have to work hard to keep up. We like the look of their matching short bobs.

8 Lexi and Julianne Hough

Look at Lexi's little face. She looks a little perplexed as they go for a walk. Although she's probably had more papparazzi experiences than the average dog. Julianne still has that youthful glow that is reflected in her puppy's innocent gaze. We've heard Julianne has two dogs now, Lexi and Harley, who look alike with a little different coloring.

7 Daisy and Jessica Simpson

Everyone knows that Jessica Simpson has her hands full with two babies, a fashion line, hosting a hit television show (FashionStar) and a happy marriage. What most don't realize is that she is an animal lover, especially when it comes to Daisy. Their golden locks, pleasant dispositions and beautiful faces make them a perfect duo. She looks like the kind of celebrity would makes time for everyone she loves in her life.

6 Jiggy and Ken Vanderpump

Jiggy is one of the stars of the Housewives of Beverly Hills and lives with his best friends, Lisa and Ken Vanderpump. Their fabulous Beverly Hills home, Villa Rosa, is quite an enormous stomping ground for such a tiny little reality show celebrity. He has been on almost as many episodes as Ken, who are both well-respected members of the cast - even though there have been a couple bumpy roads due to wife, Lisa's relationships with the other housewives. Any way you look at it, Ken and Jiggy are sporting a similar style. Maybe it's the rugged hair style that makes both gentlemen look a little wild, but they are handsome in their own right.

5 Cleopatra and Nicole Richie

Cleopatra is a chic little puffball, isn't she? Her tiny body is curled up against her protective owner. The beautiful color of Coco's fur complements her owner's hair and bronze tan, Nicole Richie. Together they are a classy sight to behold. They both come in tiny packages, but are forces to be reckoned with. We all know little dogs yield amazing powers, if not with their tiny barks, with their ability to prey on people's softness for tiny and adorable.

4 Sidi and Orlando Bloom

These two look like stealth ninjas, in their all black duds. Lucky Sidi gets to go out for a walk without a leash, so evidently Orlando lives near an open field for Sidi's daily exercise. Although Mr. Bloom looks happy about the outing, Sidi looks like he may have gotten up on the wrong side of the dog bed. The 37-year old celebrity is one of the more understated actors for someone who has starred in two of Hollywood's franchise giants: The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Lord of the Rings. Sidi looks like he is definitely Orlando's best friend and doesn't give another sniff about his celebrity status.

3 Coco and Tori Spelling

Okay, so Coco is not technically a dog, she is actually a chicken but we thought this matchup was so adorable that we simply had to include it. Although the matching outfits might be a little much, they definitely look adorable together. So chic, elegant and creatively adorned, Coco and Tori Spelling are ready for the red carpet. One would never know that Tori's father, Aaron Spelling, left them out of his multi-million dollar will and estate. Tori is known to take care of her own and Coco is clearly a priority. You can see Tori's protective in-close tuck to make sure Coco feels protected and safe. The hairstyle isn't a carbon copy, but it's clear they just left the salon a few hours before this photo was taken.

2 Bo and Michelle Obama

Do we think Bo knows he is the Top Dog of the United States of America. Ah, we're pretty sure he doesn't care. He just wants his famous mama to hold him while he smiles in the hopes of an upcoming treat. Michelle is always impeccably dressed, coiffed and sports the most beautifully relaxed personal style. Looking at Bo, we see a strong resemblance in his classy demeanor and the latest in GQ-type dog hair styles. Bo is as handsome as Michelle is beautiful.

1 Finn and Amanda Seyfried

There is so much we can say about Finn, as he has as much celebrity as his owner, Amanda Seyfried. The two share that long sculpted face, the beautiful wide smile and the bright and friendly eyes. Finn is as photogenic as his owner - a beautiful couple, for certain. In case you have never seen this dog, here's the inside scoop. Finn is so well trained that he was invited to appear on the David Letterman Show to show off his amazing skills. We would have to agree with the buzz we've heard - Finn is most likely the coolest dog in Hollywood.

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