DC VS Marvel - Who Makes More Money?

There are always people that want to debate if DC comics are better than Marvel comics. Of course, there are also individuals that have their own opinions and beliefs. In today’s society there are more and more filmmakers and producers that are creating movies based on both of the superheroes from DC and Marvel. The box office numbers may actually be the numbers that should be looked at to determine which ones are the best.

Believe it or not, it seems that Marvel movie characters are actually bringing in more money than the DC superheroes that you may love. You might be shocked to know that the superhero movies made based on the Marvel characters have actually brought in 45% more revenue than the DC movies. This is a huge amount when you think about the fans that the DC comic heroes actually have. There are also more movies that have been made based on the Marvel heroes.

If you stop and look at the last 15 years you are going to find that there have been Marvel properties in at least 28 of the films that have been made. However, there have only been 23 films with DC properties in them within the last 35 years. This is just one more substantial difference when you are comparing the two of them. Are you wondering about the overall gross income for each of these? Well, you should know that Marvel films have grossed more than $190 million but the average for DC is only $129 million. The large difference says it all.

You might be wondering what has contributed to the large income that has been made.  Well, it goes without saying that the movie The Avengers helped with this. They had a domestic total that was more than $620 million. This was actually the highest of any superhero film ever made. The four films for Spider-Man also helped a lot as they brought in more than $1 billion.

This is not to say that DC has never had strong contenders. In fact, they did have the 2008 film The Dark Knight. This film took in more than $533 million. When it comes to the best DC superheroes to ever hit the big screen you definitely have to consider Batman.

It may be important to understand that not everything Marvel does is going to outdo DC as DC does have some wonderful products and their movies are still amazing. Let us look at this in a little more detail. First off, Marvel does have more films. This could be one reason they have made so much more money. When you stop and think about it, Marvel has put out more than two dozen movies while DC has only put out nine. This really is a large difference. This is definitely something that has to be taken into consideration if you really want to know who is making more money.

Keep in mind that, as previously mentioned, you are going to find that DC has the best film. That of course is The Dark Knight. It is often thought of as one of the best films ever made, not just one of the best comic book movies ever made.

The company with the largest profit will of course go to Marvel. Yes, DC made a lot of money with The Dark Knight movie, that has already been established. However, you have to keep in mind that Marvel has several comic book movies that have made millions all over the world. They are not just looking at one movie.

Marvel has also had some flops that have to be thought about as well. They are not without their failures. Some of these include Wolverine, Blade, and even The Punisher. Now, DC has had some flops as well when you think about Catwoman and the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but it seems that Marvel has had a lot more than their opponents.

In the end it seems that DC was on the rise and making their own way in the 1980's but this was not to last. They were even borrowing a lot of things from Marvel after the 1990's when they were trying to recover from some of the mistakes that they had made. It seems that everything you read will continually talk about The Dark Knight when DC is discussed. It is as if the comic book company has not put out anything else.

Marvel continually produces movies based on their amazing comic book heroes where DC seems to have selected a few and simply continued to make movies based on them. This really is sad because it does seem that DC is able to draw in the crowd when they do make a movie. The audience loves their characters and they are interested in the movies. They just need to be willing to do this a little bit more.

You would think that with all of the special effects that are out there today DC would want to take some of their larger comic book characters and try to make some money on them but that is not happening. As it was mentioned earlier, Marvel is making a lot more movies than DC and it is a shame because they may be able to get back in the game if they were to put forth a little more effort.

In the end, Marvel is certainly making more money. Those that have seen the movies will also tell you that Marvel seems to be willing to remain true to their characters and the stories that they have created. They are not really moving away from the plots and the audience really enjoys this as well. Finally, one keynote to remember is the impact of 3D. These movies are on the rise and the tickets are more expensive. This could be one more reason why Marvel is doing so well.

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DC VS Marvel - Who Makes More Money?