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Depeche Mode Front Man Dave Gahan Says He’s an Overpaid Stripper

Depeche Mode Front Man Dave Gahan Says He’s an Overpaid Stripper

Dépêche Mode is a popular rock band these days. They came to fame during the 1990s and continue to be famous even today. Dépêche Mode is a rock band which is unique in terms of music as it combines both rock and the electronic genre. This is something which the conventional rock bands are not known to do. This has contributed significantly to the success of Dépêche Mode, and not just in the UK, where the band hails from, but elsewhere in the world too.

In a recent statement made to the press, Dave Gahan who is the front man of this band declared that he was nothing but an overpaid stripper. This is a very rock star like statement. It seems that there are several reasons why he said this. Dave is sensuous when he is performing on stage, and can attract attention of the ladies with the moves he makes on stage. He dances like a stripper in the way he moves his hips move to the rhythm and beat of the music of the band.

Apart from swaying his hips, Dave has also been

seen to be flexing a lot of muscle on stage. This too has gone down very well with the ladies wherever he has performed. In fact, in one performance in Texas, Dave was even criticized by the female audience for not being too sexual on the stage. On hearing this, Dave got down to the act and started to sway on stage just like a stripper would. This led to much applause from the audience. Dave came away with a lot of fan fare that evening.

Thus, Dépêche Mode in spite of its amazing music and the unique voice of Dave Gahan is now gaining more popularity because of the manner in which Dave exercises his moves on the stage. Dave is a really talented artist. This rock star is known for his persona on the stage, and he has excellent dancing skills as well. Dépêche Mode will be touring the US extensively and will not limit their shows to the UK alone.


Dépêche Mode has a large number of successful albums to their credit and with the way Dave seems to be performing on stage so often, they are bound to be more successful.

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