Denzel Washington Earns $10 Million More Than Mark Whalberg in 2guns

Hollywood has been known to pay older, well-established actors double digit salaries in the millions compared to their younger counterparts who are not as well-established or known. The question then, is why did Denzel Washington get paid $20 million for the new film 2guns while his co-star Mark Wahlberg got paid $10 million for the same movie?


The two actors are well-known to movie fans around the world, which is part of the reason for the discrepancy in salaries. Denzel Washington is going to draw a certain amount of fans to see his movies because he is considered as one of the great actors of his time. He has won two Academy Awards, while being nominated for six, and in most of the movies he has played in, he has been the lead actor. These films have been box office successes, the most recent of which being; Flight, Safe House, and The Book Of Eli. Each movie grossed over $100 million at the box office proving Washington's marketability.

Mark Wahlberg is also well-known and has been nominated for two Academy awards, but has mostly played supporting characters in his movies, and most of the movies he has been the lead character in, such as Pain and Gain, Broken City, and Contraband, did not break $100 million at the box office.

Box office success always leads to higher salaries for the actors, because the more money they bring the studios, the more they can command for their next movies.

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Denzel Washington Earns $10 Million More Than Mark Whalberg in 2guns