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Dennis Rodman Jets Off To North Korea Instead of Paying Child Support Fees

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Dennis Rodman Jets Off To North Korea Instead of Paying Child Support Fees

Dennis Rodman has bravely traversed the North Korean territory despite its ongoing tension with his country, the United States of America.

Last February, he visited his good friend and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as an unofficial ambassador for sports diplomacy. Rodman attested to their friendship by revealing Kim’s most-guarded secret, saying that the dictator is actually a dad. Kim married Ri Sol-ju in 2009 and the couple was reported to have two children but was never confirmed by the media. With Rodman’s revelation, it seems that Pyongyang’s potential heirs were females.


He revealed this information plus other tidbits on Kim during his interview with UK’s The Sun. He complimented Kim’s wife, describing her as an elegant and tall Korean. Rodman also revealed that Kim is a fan of American pop music such as that of the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson.


Rodman learned these things when he had the privilege to have dinner with the couple. He also defended his “chingu” by saying that he was misunderstood by many and that he really didn’t mean war between the two countries.

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