Dennis Rodman: Avoids Controversy in North Korea

Tattoos are already a mainstream phenomenon among celebrities, particularly professional athletes.

NBA superstar Dennis Rodman is one of those tattoo bandits in the league that has opened tattooing to the public. He was famous as a basketball player that exuded a bad boy and fierce image with his tattoos that are inked almost all over his body.

The 51-year-old legend is famous for his tribal tattoos and two large bull tattoos on his chest. Not only do the tattoo's stop at images but also extends to his hair which is also inked with tattoos.

Just recently, Rodman, donned in his tattoos and piercings, entered into one of the countries that employs a very strict dress code; North Korea.

He went to Pyongyang as America’s ambassador for sports diplomacy and visited his good friend and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Kim is said to be a fan of the Chicago Bulls which happens to be Rodman’s former team.

Rodman said he was there to teach the children basketball diplomacy and not to stir controversy with his fashion sense.

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Dennis Rodman: Avoids Controversy in North Korea