David Bowie: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The King Of Glam Rock

The world lost one of the most iconic musicians with the passing of David Bowie on January 10th, 2016. David Bowie had been creating influential music since the 1960s, and it came as a shock to many when he passed away after battling liver cancer. The shock is perhaps felt all the stronger when you consider that his most recent album, Blackstar, was released earlier this month. Bowie, whose birth name was David Robert Jones, was 69 at the time of his passing.

When it comes to remembering the life David Bowie there is no shortage of qualities that helped make him stand out as an individual. Above all else, Bowie’s willingness to be himself helped made him one of the most influential artists of all time.

There is perhaps no bigger point of influence than in the emergence of the character Ziggy Stardust in the early 1970s. Bowie helped re-energize the music genre of Glam Rock. The genre was defined by musicians wearing outrageous clothes and makeup, and altering their hair wildly, and don’t even get me started on the role of glitter (huge role!). Bowie was well worthy of his nickname as the King of Glam Rock, and he helped influence countless fellow artists to help bring their own sense of style out.

This was not the last persona that Bowie would adopt, as he also took on the Thin White Duke when his 1976 album Station to Station released. There was no doubting that when it came to being a musician, for Bowie it meant more than just singing songs. There was a style and a culture that came with Bowie that helped make him all the more endearing to his fans.

With a life that was clearly marked with so much originality, there is no shortage of facts that you did not know about the life of David Bowie. Take some time to listen to his music, whether it’s old stuff or even his newest, and even if you are not a fan, take a moment to realize the far reaching impact that David Bowie had on the world.

He will be greatly missed.

10 He Went Through Several Bands

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When you think of David Bowie, you are quickly blown away by some of the stuff that he did as an individual artist. It may be surprising, but not all that shocking, to find out that when Bowie was starting out, he attempted to join several bands. Bowie started with a band entitled “The Kon-rads”, who played smaller gigs and weddings. After growing frustrated with the band, Bowie joined The Hooker Brothers, then The King Bees.

9 His First Album Got Him Dropped From His Record Label

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8 Bowie Battled Addiction


One of the pitfalls that hinders many musicians is a drug addiction. It can seem like it just comes with part of the lifestyle, but it can still cause an incredible amount of damage to your body and mind.

Bowie was open about the fact that he battled a cocaine addiction for most of the 1970s. While not justifying his actions, Bowie stated that he used cocaine to help fuel the incredible amount of energy that he produces on stage. One look at one of his shows from the 70s and it will be clear to see that it would take a superhuman amount of energy to keep that up.

When Bowie took on the character of the Thin White Duke in 1976, he said his diet was “red peppers, cocaine and milk”.

7 Bowie Collaborated With Several Artists

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6 Bowie Has Plenty Of Live Theater Experience

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5 His Last Public Performance Was With Alicia Keys

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4 Bowie Is The Goblin King

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3 Bowie’s Left Pupil Is Permanently Dilated

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When it comes to David Bowie there were several different traits that helped make him stand out, but it is hard to say whether this in particular is one of them. It may be interesting however to know that he has seemingly different colored eyes, after one of his pupils had become dilated. When Bowie was younger, he was in a schoolyard fight and needless to say, it did not exactly go so well. The fight was allegedly over a girl (typical!) and his friend George Underwood got his fingernail caught in Bowie’s eye which required two different surgeries.

2 His Various Accolades

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1 Bowie Was Suicidal At 28

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For all of the energy and enthusiasm that Bowie put onto his performances, there was a man that still had some deeper issues (including the drug addiction). When Bowie was 28 and living in LA he was severely depressed. Bowie stated "I really did think that my thoughts about not making 30 would come true," he recalls. "Drugs had taken my life away from me. I felt as though I would probably die and it was going to be all over." Had Bowie’s assistant not moved Bowie from America to Berlin (where he stopped his drug use), it is very possible that Bowie would not have made it to 30 like he had feared.

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David Bowie: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The King Of Glam Rock