David Beckham Daughter

Opposite from the manly image he exudes when he is on the field, David Beckham is fond of dressing up his 22-month daughter Harper. He loves taking his kids out to the park to bond with them but David has admitted that he adores dressing up his daughter.

It is his celebrity wife Victoria who takes care of Harper’ clothes, but lately, David has taken the time to participate. While Victoria settles for a modest choice, David picks up bright colors.

Being the daughter of a football superstar and singer/fashion icon, it is no surprise that whenever Harper comes out in public, she is always seen in her chic attire and mini versions of her mother’s collections. David was also seen donning matching outfits with his lovely daughter.


David has admitted that he loves his boys more than anything but has always wanted to have a girl,  adding that it would be a blessing if Harper decides to try her luck in football.

All living in the world of glitz and glamour, the 38-year-old retired athlete said he wants to keep his children grounded from celebrity life.

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David Beckham Daughter