Dave Hester Loses $750 Thousand Lawsuit Against A&E

Dave Hester has lost his lawsuit against A&E after a judge denied to sanction A&E from interfering in its reality hit series Storage Wars.

The show features individuals who compete for profitable items found in abandoned storage lockers. Main character of this show included Hester as a main character up until season 3.  Hester known as "The Mogul" played the role of the villain, having had several confrontations with the other main cast members. Hester is known to raise his bids whenever someone else was trying to buy a unit.

He was fired in December last year and followed up with a 14-page lawsuit, accusing the show of wrongful termination, with the producers practicing unfair business and casts undergoing plastic surgery just to boost the show’s sex appeal.

Dave sought for $750, 000 in damages and also charged the show of illegal termination, breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson dismissed his claims, stating that interfering with the show’s production violates the network’s First Amendment rights.

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Dave Hester Loses $750 Thousand Lawsuit Against A&E