Daredevil Season 2: The 10 Best Moments

Netflix and Marvel have finally released the second season of Daredevil. Matt Murdock continues his vigilante justice as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, with his friend and business partner Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, and their secretary Karen Page. But this season there are some new threats and new enemies introduced to Hell's Kitchen, two of which are characters that have played key roles in Daredevil's history in the comics: Elektra and The Punisher. And there are some definite improvements over last season. Needless to say, spoilers will be discussed up ahead.

Jon Bernthal has redefined The Punisher and will be this generation's Punisher/Frank Castle. Elodie Yung as Elektra is far more convincing in the role than Jennifer Garner was in that terrible Daredevil movie. The action scenes are kicked up a notch, as is the violence, and plenty of secrets and easter eggs planted throughout. Along with that, plenty of surprises, drama, violence and turmoil unfold and make some of the best moments on television in 2016.

Some of the honorable mentions include Foggy giving a pretty solid and bold speech to a couple of gang members in a crowded hospital wing. The moment Elektra realized Matt wasn't 100% blind inside of the boxing ring. Daredevil and Elektra taking on members of the Yakuza in her luxurious apartment. Karen and Matt sharing their first kiss was one of the highlights for the characters this season. And Frank Castle exploding into rage in the courtroom while on the stand was masterfully done. No matter what your favorite part of the season were, here are 10 moments that absolutely blew most fans away.


10 First Showdown Between The Punisher And Daredevil

Towards the tail-end of the episode, Matt catches up to The Punisher just before he's about to take someone out with a sniper rifle. With a knee to the face, Daredevil sends Punisher to the ground and the two begin duking it out. While DD is a heavily trained fighter, Punisher is highly trained and as we can see, he is able to hold his own. He's even able to knock DD to the ground at one point. However, with just one gunshot to the face, Punisher is able to send DD tumbling over the edge of a rooftop. This is a pretty explosive way to end the first episode of the season.

9 Punisher In The Pawn Shop


Frank stops inside a pawn shop looking to buy a special police scanner that can pick up tactical info, which is usually on a secure encrypted radio channel. Things take a turn for the worse once the guy behind the counter offers Frank some child pornography. Obviously, he isn't going to take too kindly to that and he certainly can't walk out after hearing something like that. So, him being The Punisher and all, he turned back around, grabbed a baseball bat and proceeded to swing at his head. It was one, simple scene to just showcase and ruthless this guy is, and it's fantastic.

8 The Return Of Nobu

Matt got into a pretty bloody and brutal fight with a Red Ninja named Nobu in the last season. Matt thought that Nobu had burned alive and died, after all it happened right in front of him. As it turns out, at the end of episode 9 during this season, Nobu reveals himself to still be alive, though his face is badly burned. When Matt looks at him in disbelief and says "you're dead," Nobu creepily responds, "there is no such thing." The Hand, a mystical ninja group, have more than likely brought him back to life - this is something that they can do. Expect this storyline to only get more engaging as the series grows.

7 Apartment Building/Staircase Fight


The end of the second episode of the first season had a pretty phenomenal hallway fight sequence that played out in one continuous shot. It was praised as one of the highlights of the first season, and it looks as if it's been topped. There is another long fight sequence (edited to look as if it's one continuous shot) that features Daredevil busting up bad guys in an apartment building and down a long staircase. It's pretty elaborate and much more brutal than the hallway fight in the first season. Not to mention it's longer than the first one and features a lot more stunts. This will probably be one of the most talked about action sequences of 2016.

6 Punisher Tells Daredevil About His Family

This is the first moment between the two where they're not at each other's throats. Frank gets to tell Matt about a sweet story involving his daughter and coming home after being at war. His daughter begged him to read her one of her favorite books before bed, telling her he would read to her tomorrow night. But they never got that opportunity. For Jon Bernthal, it's an incredibly lengthy monologue that he simply just knocks out of the park. You get to see the small nuances he is adding to the character and after this speech, he has you completely convinced that he has fully embodies this role. Can we just give Bernthal his Emmy now?

5 Daredevil Gets His Classic Baton


Daredevil's signature weapon is his specially designed baton, which Melvin Potter created specially for him. This bad boy is a multi-purpose weapon and tool that contains 30 feet of aircraft-control cable which is connected to a case-hardened steel grappling hook. Internal mechanisms allow the cable to be neatly wound and unwound, while a powerful spring can launch the grapnel. This allows Daredevil to use this weapon in any number of different ways, though it is unfortunate that it was only introduced in the final episode of this season. The handle can even be straightened for use when throwing.

4 Punisher Meeting Wilson Fisk

It was rumored that Vincent D'Onofrio would be reprising his role as Wilson Fisk, and it turned out to be true. Frank is lead directly to him, in a secluded gym area, and the two begin a conversation. The mere sight of these two comic book titans staring each other down was just marvelous. It does make sense that the writers and producers decided to keep Fisk in the story during this second season, as his vendetta with Daredevil definitely isn't done. It's no surprise that Fisk recruits Frank to do something that will be beneficial to both of them.


3 Prison Fight


It's really not all that surprising that Fisk wound up double-crossing Frank in prison. After getting the answers he needed, he realized he was trapped in a hallway full of prisoners who wanted to kill them. Their cell doors were open, and they were more than happy to try and cut Frank open. It wasn't edited to look as if it was filmed in one continuous shot, but it is certainly more brutal and bloody than any of Daredevil's fights. What else can you expect when you're trapped in a prison hallway with the Punisher?

2 Murdock v. Fisk

Matt visits Fisk in prison to discuss Frank Castle's escape - which Fisk helped facilitate, of course. This one scene is the perfect setup to what is going to happen between these two during the third season. There is no doubt that the show will be greenlit for another season, Netflix would be stupid not to. We have yet to see Wilson Fisk truly unleash his wrath upon Matt Murdock/Daredevil, and even judging from this encounter, Fisk is going to find out Daredevil's identity. That much is painfully obvious. And when that happens, Matt's life is going to be turned upside down in such a horrific way.

1 The Choice On The Rooftop


This scene was plucked right from the pages of one of the best, if not the best, Punisher/Daredevil crossover in the comics. The Punisher has DD dead to rights, chained up on the rooftop and the two argue about their differing ideologies, and they pretty much spend the whole episode doing this. Matt, of course, believes in the justice system taking care of criminals, while Punisher simply wants to kill them all. Daredevil gets a loaded handgun duct-taped to his hand, with the Punisher telling him to take him out, or Punisher will kill someone else. Either way, no matter what he chooses to do, somebody dies.

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