Daredevil Season 2: The 10 Best Moments

Netflix and Marvel have finally released the second season of Daredevil. Matt Murdock continues his vigilante justice as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, with his friend and business partner Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, and their secretary Karen Page. But this season there are some new threats and new enemies introduced to Hell's Kitchen, two of which are characters that have played key roles in Daredevil's history in the comics: Elektra and The Punisher. And there are some definite improvements over last season. Needless to say, spoilers will be discussed up ahead.

Jon Bernthal has redefined The Punisher and will be this generation's Punisher/Frank Castle. Elodie Yung as Elektra is far more convincing in the role than Jennifer Garner was in that terrible Daredevil movie. The action scenes are kicked up a notch, as is the violence, and plenty of secrets and easter eggs planted throughout. Along with that, plenty of surprises, drama, violence and turmoil unfold and make some of the best moments on television in 2016.

Some of the honorable mentions include Foggy giving a pretty solid and bold speech to a couple of gang members in a crowded hospital wing. The moment Elektra realized Matt wasn't 100% blind inside of the boxing ring. Daredevil and Elektra taking on members of the Yakuza in her luxurious apartment. Karen and Matt sharing their first kiss was one of the highlights for the characters this season. And Frank Castle exploding into rage in the courtroom while on the stand was masterfully done. No matter what your favorite part of the season were, here are 10 moments that absolutely blew most fans away.

10 First Showdown Between The Punisher And Daredevil

9 Punisher In The Pawn Shop

8 The Return Of Nobu

7 Apartment Building/Staircase Fight

6 Punisher Tells Daredevil About His Family

5 Daredevil Gets His Classic Baton

4 Punisher Meeting Wilson Fisk

3 Prison Fight

2 Murdock v. Fisk

1 The Choice On The Rooftop

This scene was plucked right from the pages of one of the best, if not the best, Punisher/Daredevil crossover in the comics. The Punisher has DD dead to rights, chained up on the rooftop and the two argue about their differing ideologies, and they pretty much spend the whole episode doing this. Matt, of course, believes in the justice system taking care of criminals, while Punisher simply wants to kill them all. Daredevil gets a loaded handgun duct-taped to his hand, with the Punisher telling him to take him out, or Punisher will kill someone else. Either way, no matter what he chooses to do, somebody dies.

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Daredevil Season 2: The 10 Best Moments