Daft Punk's New Album Random Access Memories

Super Star Electro Duo Daft Punk is at it again. They have announced that they are going to be releasing their new album, Random Access memories, shortly on May 21st (2013).

Daft punk has long been looked at as the most successful Electronic musicians of all time. With their dance club hits, Around The World, Da Funk, One More Time, Aerodynamic, Robot Rock, and more, these two have been topping the dance charts since they started in 1997.

They didn't sop there. They toured in 2007 and recorded a brilliant live album which was a commercial success. They also tried their hands at film music, composing all of the music for the Disney Tron remake. This was a critical success, some saying that the music was the best part of the cinematic experience for the film.

With the album out for pre sale now on iTunes, you can already see the enthusiasm from the Daft Punk fans. Last weekend, with pre sales alone, their album was #2 on the iTunes charts, second only to Justin Timberlake's new album "The 20/20 Experience." Without even hearing the new album, over 1,500 fans have rated this album 5 stars. One fan said that he knew this was the best album ever, even without listening to it.

As a Daft Punk fan myself, I am excited to hear what this new album has to offer. Daft punk is coming back after an almost 7 year break to bring us another studio album. It is good to see another album coming out of these superstars. Daft Punk fans now count down the day until May 21st.

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Daft Punk's New Album Random Access Memories