Daft Punk, the biggest electronic musicians of all time

Daft Punk has been creating amazing dance club beats for the last 20 years. They started in the 90s with their melodic and rhythmic songs that captivated listeners and record label execs alike.

They first signed with Soma Records in 1996 to release their single "Da Funk". Soma Records, along with Daft Punk, had no idea that this single would be such a hit. After 50,000 vinyl records of this single were sold, Daft Punk signed with Virgin France to produce the album "Homework".

When they released this album on a major label, things really took off. Their hit singles, Da Funk, Around The world, and Revolution 909, sent them into near instant DJ stardom. They played a worldwide tour that sold out almost every night.

Now that Daft Punk had their foot in the door, they were ready to release their follow up album, Discovery. Around this time is when the electronic music duo decided that they had turned into robots. With their fancy new helmets, they created a new persona that only further launched their fame in the electronic music world.

They released Discovery and the album skyrocketed to the top of world charts. Their hit songs One More Time, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Aerodynamic, and Digital Love pounded dance floor speakers and stayed on major radio rotation for a good long time. Daft Punk was awarded best dance album at the Grammys for this album.

Daft punk released years later, Human After All, their third studio album in 2006. This album did very well, but some fans missed the more dance clubs beats of their earlier albums. In 2007 Daft Punk embarked on a massive world wide stadium tour, recording a live album during their Paris show. Daft Punk composed the music for the new Disney Tron movie and then went into a hiatus for some years.

Daft Punk just released their new radio single, "Get Lucky", featuring Pharell Williams and Niel Rodgers. This song has already gone number 1 in 46 countries.

Daft Punk is the most success electronic music group of all time, and their success only seems to keep growing!

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Daft Punk, the biggest electronic musicians of all time