Chinas Dark Affair With Money in A Touch Of Sin

Jia Zhangke showcases the volatile subject of violence in money-obsessed China through his four-part plot in A Touch of Sin. As per the narration, after China opened its colossal commercial gates to the world in the early 80's, the whole social order of the nation jeopardized and underwent mind-altering transformations where, every violent incident started revolving around money.

The despair explored by Zhangke can be felt in each frame of A Touch of Sin that demonstrates how money has replaced human touch and cordial connection. However, according to Zhangke some contents are universal since it deals with the isolation of emotion and paves way for a money-first ideal.

The key link between the four stories is violence and money. In fact, one story-line depicts the life of a woman who gets beaten with stacks of money. Through this symbolism of China’s dark affair with money, Zhangke began intertwining numerous plots together with the hope of showing China a reflection of its current social conditions, at a critical juncture, before it’s too late.

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Chinas Dark Affair With Money in A Touch Of Sin