Charlize Theron and TOMs Team up to Produce Brand New Shoe

It seldom happens that celebrity designers and actresses do something to help people in need. TOMs a well known design company and the South African actress Charlize Theron have come together to produce a limited edition brand of shoe which is certain to be a hit among consumers all over the world.

Fashion conscious individuals the world over will be able to wear it to just about any occasion. Its affordable price is also going to make these shoes very popular indeed. The shoes are also going to come with a unique sense of style about them. Wearing them is going to be a glamorous thing for people. There is much excitement in the air about the release of this brand of shoes.

The shoes are going to be available online for those who are interested in buying them. Because of the moderate price tag, almost everybody who wants to help can afford them. The shoes are characterized by vibrant colors and look a lot like the sports shoes available. They are available in red and orange and some others. There are shoes for men as well as women. There are shoes for different ages.

The money from the sale will go to the Outreach project in Africa. The name of the project is going to be printed on the shoes. The first to make a move have been Charlize’s dedicated fans around the globe.

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Charlize Theron and TOMs Team up to Produce Brand New Shoe