Charlie Sheen New Show

Charlie Sheen's new show was based on the 2003 comedy "Anger Management" which starred Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. "Anger Management" debut was the highest-rated premiere in FX history. The show attracted 5.5 million total viewers on it's first half-hour episode and 5.7 million on it's second, based on The Nielsen Company survey.  The benchmark rating of the show gave it a chance to stick around for a long time.

But it's March 14 episode attracted only 850,000 views, the show’s lowest from the debut of 5.47 million on June 2012.

The second season premiered on January 17, attracting 1.8 million total viewers and average to only 1.25 million, an indicator that the ratings have been on a steady decline.

With Lindsay Lohan as guest on its April episode the show recovered by which it was watched by 1.25 million people, a 22% increase from it's previous weeks.

It seemed the long-term ratings prospects of Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” show considering it's current audience viewers paint a bleak picture.

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Charlie Sheen New Show