Celebs Who Ditched The Kimye Wedding

Kim and Kanye fans can relax knowing that the wedding went off without any kicking, slapping, wardrobe malfunctions or hissy fits; amazing how smooth a multi-million dollar party can unfold. However, just like your cousin's wedding at the Holiday Inn, there were some notable no-shows and rumblings behind closed doors.

The missing guest list includes both those who were invited and opted out as well as those who simply didn't make the cut. Speculation on all the absentees reasons run the gamut from reasonable to suspect.

7 Rob Kardashian

Kim's brother Rob has never been much of a scene stealer, usually more of a low key personality. As the wedding day grew closer, Rob reportedly shared his disdain for the gauche exhibit of clothes and wealth surrounding the affair, allegedly dubbing it "superficial b*******." Other sources cite a rift between Rob and Kim over his weight and Kim's accusations that he didn't even try to drop a few pounds for her big day. Rob supposedly found his sister's attitude a bit shallow and decided he'd make her life easier by not attending her wedding or the rehearsal dinner. He hopped on a Los Angeles bound flight out of France just hours before the nuptials began.

6 Brody Jenner

5 Beyonce & Jay Z

Of all the missing guests, Beyonce and Jay Z were the most notable. Their list of excuses included professional commitments like they were too close to the launch of their summer "On the Run" tour to travel to France for a wedding. Cattier speculations cited the fact that Lana del Rey, who sang three songs at the rehearsal dinner, is getting more attention these days than Beyonce and Beyonce didn't want to share the spotlight. Even juicier were rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce didn't want to run into Rachel Roy, the designer that many believe was behind the Solange-Jay Z elevator incident a couple of weeks ago.

4 Anna Wintour

Why would the editor-in-chief of Vogue, the magazine that featured the controversial cover photo of the wedding couple, not show up for the wedding? Sorry, no apparent drama here, just a prior commitment. According to Page Six of Wintour, a Vogue spokesperson stated, "Anna had a longstanding family commitment this weekend and sadly had to miss the wedding." However, the person who was instrumental in choosing the couple for the cover photo for Vogue, Andre Leon Talley, was on hand for the entire wedding weekend.

3 Ryan Seacrest

2 Giuliana Rancic & Ken Baker

Long-time friends of the Kardashian family, Rancic and Baker were not included on the guest list. Sources claim that Kim and Kanye had decided early on that no "work friends" would be invited to keep the guest list in check and Rancic and Baker of E! News falls into that category. Rancic had some fun with the slight by organizing a mock pre-wedding party spoof with the E! News team. They all dressed up in powdered wigs and lavish costumes depicting 18th century ladies and lords and feigned partying at the Palace of Versailles where Kim and Kanye had their rehearsal dinner.

1 Other Notable Omissions

Lindsay Lohan was not invited to the wedding although she was a guest at Kim's bridal shower just weeks before. Word on the street is she showed up at the Kardashian-Humphries in a dress cut to her navel and no one wanted to risk a repeat of that distraction. Demi Lovato, Mark Ballas, and Eva Longoria, all of whom attended Kim's last wedding, also didn't get an invite to the latest coupling ceremony. One omission from the guest list, fellow Vogue cover girl and creator/producer/writer/star of HBO's Girls Lena Dunham sarcastically tweeted, "Was late to Kimye wedding so had to walk around Italian streets for hours, was cat-called within an inch of my life. Now eating a hoagie. Gonna try to meet up with them at the party but feel like Ye is pissed I missed ceremony."

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