10 Cases of Celebrity Co-Stars Secretly Hating Each Other

Everything seems so real and interesting on TV. Actors go through a lot of training and auditioning just to be able to deliver on screen. Most people, especially teenagers, are oblivious to that fact, and they keep benchmarking their lives based on what they see on screen. Every day we witness many people trying to behave like their celebrity role models. It's evident that most celebrities have masses of followers who admire them and copy their every move. That is not necessarily bad, but it can cause superficial living behavior, especially if the fans in question are copying scripted lifestyles.

Some celebrities have a resemblance to their characters on screen, such that they are no different when they go off screen. Others are the total opposite of what we see on screen. People should be careful when copying celebrities, especially if they have no idea how their real lives are. For example, the much-admired couples on screen could be made up of people who love each other, or people who completely loath each other. It's not rare to find co-stars who cannot keep off each other on screen, but when the cameras are shut, they cannot stand each other. Here are examples of co-stars that cannot stand each other in real life.

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10 Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

Speaking of co-stars who seem to be perfect for each other but are not, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray come to mind. When they first met on the set of TV series One Tree Hill for the first time, they could not keep off each other. Their romance took Hollywood by storm and everybody in the whole world was rooting for them to start dating. They both fell for each other and then got married in a year. The marriage suffered a sudden death when Murray allegedly cheated on Sophia after five months and she filed for a divorce. The worst part was that they had to work together for years after that. They both admitted that it was not easy working together after the divorce.

9 Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw

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These two classic movie actors are evidence that celebrity feuds did not exactly start yesterday. Richard and Robert began displaying their beef while filming the legendary thriller Jaws. Apparently, Shaw had an inflated ego and he could not handle the popularity of his then underdog co-star. Shaw was constantly torturing Dreyfuss on set by making him do unnecessary things. He also kept teasing him about his age and weight. Steven Spielberg was apparently constantly calling them aside during filming to mediate their differences.

8 Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

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Dirty Dancing is one of the most epic chick flicks of all time. We would never have guessed that the stars of this classic film were actually frenemies. The scenario of Jennifer Grey falling for bad boy Patrick Swayze seemed like the stuff of fairy tales. However, Swayze and Grey could not stand each other on set. Swayze accused Grey of being shallow, a royal pain and too disruptive with her giggling throughout the filming of the movie.

7 Michael Bay and Megan Fox

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While Michael Bay was not technically a co-star alongside Megan Fox, he is a high profile director notorious for being a world-class pain to work with. Some people can stomach his drama, but Fox was not so accommodating of Bay's attitude during the filming of Transformers. A British magazine recorded her in an interview comparing Bay to Hitler. She accused him of using her for his sexist escapades and he accused her of being as stiff as a prop. Their beef continued all through the filming of Transformers and its sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Steven Spielberg could no longer stomach them so he fired her from the third installment of the series, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. However, it seems like they had to kiss and make up since they worked together for the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where Bay cast Fox as April.

6 Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

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As much as Julia Roberts seems accommodating, lovely and all romantic on screen, she also hates when co-stars rub her the wrong way. Julia Roberts had such a falling out with Nick Nolte during the filming of I Love Trouble that the producers had to shoot all their scenes separately. Everybody knew how much they both hated each other but they tried to play it cool while in public for the sake of the movie. They managed to fool us until years later when Julia Roberts caved in and told everybody that Nick Nolte is a disgusting man. Nolte was recorded saying that it's not nice to call someone disgusting, and he added that Julia is not nice, and that everybody knows that. It seems that their feud is not about to end soon.

5 Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes

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Imagine our surprise when we found out that Romeo actually hated Juliet. The then young Leonardo DiCaprio was full of life and he liked playing pranks on his co-stars. Claire Danes was not much into his stunts and she accused him of being annoying and immature. He obviously dismissed her saying that she was too uptight. The weird thing is that they did not speak to each other throughout the filming period of Romeo and Juliet, apart from when the cameras were rolling.

4 Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J

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3 Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett

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2 Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

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It's ironic that most of the members of the once popular T.V. series Friends are not friends in real life. However, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox stand out the most with their evident beef. During the filming of Friends, Jennifer and Courteney were best friends. Courteney even made Jennifer her child's godmother and all seemed rosy. However, things went south when Jennifer's then-fiancé Justin Theroux apparently influenced Jennifer to hate Courteney. Courteney was mad at Jennifer and she was recorded saying that she has forgiven her enough times and she was tired of it. It looks like this is one complicated friendship that is full of ups and downs.

1 Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes

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Some actors take being in character too far and end up annoying everybody on set. Such was the case of Wesley Snipes on the set of Blade Trinity. He refused to talk to co-stars on the set and he only communicated with the director using written notes, which he signed off as Blade. He also refused to do close-ups until the end of the shoot, which left Ryan Reynolds to do his parts alone. Reynolds was angry with Snipes all the time, but being the underdog, he could not do anything about it. Good thing Reynolds ended up making a big name for himself later on.

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