Celebrity Business Analyst Reveals Television Money Trends

This simple fact is known by many, the biggest TV stars are paid immense sums of money for their work. Let's look at a popular example in the television show Futurama. This animated comedy show was on the verge of cancellation despite fantastic ratings and reviews, but what was the reason behind it? The cast demanded a higher rate of pay. This particular dispute was eventually settled and there are no hard figures, but estimates place the actors demands at $75,000 per episode. This was way back in 2009 and Futurama is only voice work, but this is no isolated incident.

A recent article by a Hollywood analyst asked a simple question, is the cast of The Big Bang Theory greedy? In the article it was stated that the top three stars in the show (Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons) are already paid around $325,000 per episode. They were, however, holding out on renewing their contracts, hoping for a higher rate of pay. Some reports suggest that some of the stars are hoping for a rate of $1 million per episode.

The interesting part, when it comes to pay disputes, is that it's the actors who nearly always win. The studios really are at the mercy of the actors. Audiences tune in to watch their favorite characters portrayed by the actors who have been present from the beginning of the series. If the show loses these beloved actors, the audience viewing rate will surely decline, along with all the revenue and money that was being made. The more popular the show is, the worse the scenario becomes. Due to this, it seems that this trend will only continue.

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Celebrity Business Analyst Reveals Television Money Trends