Celebrities You Would Want To Be Friends With

When it comes to celebrities, there are some people you want to stay away from, and others you want to befriend. Why? Money affects different people in different ways, and when you see how various peo

When it comes to celebrities, there are some people you want to stay away from, and others you want to befriend. Why? Money affects different people in different ways, and when you see how various people react to wealth, you also see that you do not always want to spend a lot of time around them. Take the famed Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith. He's a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he has three Super Bowl rings. However, if you meet him, there are very few celebrities that are more uptight than him. He has a handler following him everywhere he goes, to make sure that the public doesn't get "too close." He doesn't like signing footballs for you, because he figures that each football he signs makes each signature less valuable on the sports memorabilia market. Never mind that he's a multimillionaire with seven different companies under Emmitt Smith Enterprises and when it comes to hanging out with ordinary people, he just doesn't get it.

On the other hand, there are quite a few wealthy people who seem to understand that while wealth can make your life a lot different, it doesn't have to change you. These are the people who are more than likely to help you out with a contact or a connection, even if they keep all of their money to themselves. This list has people who are likely to be generous  and treat you as a normal person, instead of needing a handler just to spend some time with the general public. This list includes athletes, entertainers, and authors, so there's someone to match yourself with, no matter what your personality is like or what your interests tend to focus on. Take a look, maybe your next best friend is one this list somewhere.

10 Howard Stern: Payed College Loans for his Interns

If you have followed radio at all over the past 30 years, then you know that Howard Stern has a reputation of being one of the most raucous "shock jocks" on the airwaves. Between his stock incentives in Sirius and his personal holdings, he has an estimated net worth of about $500 million. He used some of that to pay for his radio intern's college loans in 2008, so if you are willing to go to work for him, he might reward you far beyond your contracted amount.

9 Birdman: Gives Cars To Friends

Bryan Williams, or better know as Birdman, is the co-founder of Cash Money Records, and he has a multi-platinum record as a producer and an artist. His label's put together albums for Juvenile, Lil Wayne, and other artists. His song "#1 Stunna" earned him two Grammy nominations in 2000. With 50 million albums sold, his label is the most successful in all of hip hop music history. Williams says that he buys 100 new cars every six months and just gives the "old" cars away to friends. If you are hanging out with him at the right time, you could walk away with a sweet car.

8 J.K. Rowling: Willing to Help Make Dreams Come True

When she was finishing up the first Harry Potter book, J. K. Rowling was living out of her car. However, now the series has sold over 400 million copies and inspired a series of films. With a net worth in excess of $1 billion, she received the title of Most Influential Woman in Britain in 2010. With her legacy intact, it is still likely that she remembers what it is like to have a dream, so if you become her friend, she is likely to help you accomplish it. After all, she donated a pair of boots to fund educational programs at a school and has donated freely to art councils as well as to individual writers. If you have a novel growing inside you, she could be a generous friend to have.

7 John Grisham: He's Got Connections

If you enjoy perusing legal thrillers, then the name John Grisham is one that likely appears on your bookshelf. Beginning with A Time to Kill, Grisham has written a series of best-sellers that have left him with a net worth in excess of $200 million. With his training as a lawyer and his time spent as the editor of the Oxford American, Grisham has acquainted himself with people of every stripe. Spending some time in his circle could at least bring you some first editions, if nothing else.

6 Matt Groening: Generous with Budding Filmakers

Matt Groening is the creator of the most successful cartoon of all time The Simpsons. With a net worth of over $500 million, Groening started out working a lot of awful day jobs when he moved to Los Angeles to make it into show business. His frustration found expression in his animated book Life in Hell, which he published himself. The comic strip spread to catch the eye of Hollywood producer James L. Brooks, who asked Groening to bring his characters to television as a short feature on the Tracey Ullman Show. A great career was about to take off. Since he remembers the old days performing scut work, Groening would likely be a good friend to make, particularly because of his generosity with budding filmmakers. He donated $500,000 to UCLA's film programs, and he has also supported independent filmmaking ventures.

5 Jennifer Lawrence: Keeping it Real

If all of the people on this list seem older or of the male gender, then the star of The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook might be perfect for you to hang out with. With a net worth of $22 million, Jennifer Lawrence still lives at home, which means that she has plenty of disposable income to share. Her colorful personality as it appears on the late-night talk shows means that you are likely to have a laugh a minute when you hang out.

4 Bill Watterson: Donates To Art Projects

If you think Peanuts is the only comic strip that has built a massive following, then you need to learn about Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson amassed a net worth of more than $450 million with one of the most popular cartoons in the history of the funnies. His wealth would be exponentially higher if he had been willing to license any of his characters for merchandise or to promote his work in any way after quitting the strip. Instead, he has just pursued his own art further. He has contributed a great deal of money to individual artists and art schools, so if you see drawing in your future, the two of you could be fast friends.

3 Jami Gertz: Likes To Hang Out With Strangers

One of the great American philanthropists, Jami Gertz has an overall net worth of about $2 billion. Most of her money comes from her union with billionaire Tony Ressler, who used to own the Milwaukee Brewers and created Ares Management, in charge of more than $40 million. One of Gertz's best friends is Bill Murray, who is well-known for wandering into parties and bars where he doesn't know anyone and hanging out. When Gertz goes along with him, if you happen to be out, you can end up partying the night away with them.

2 Bruce Willis: Pancreatic Cancer Activist

Bruce Willis is a lightweight in comparison to many of the names on this list, with "only" $150 million in net worth. However, he has built a huge following by acting in more than 60 films since his big break in the television comedy Moonlighting. When Willis is at his best on the screen, he is an engaging action hero who seems like he would be a lot of fun to have a few beers with. He lost his brother to pancreatic cancer and is still an activist in the cause. If you share an interest in cancer activism, he is likely to be generous to your cause as well.

1 Adam Sandler: Casts Friends in Movies

Did you know that Adam Sandler invites his friends to keep starring in films with him? And that when the films do well, he has the habit of buying them all cars to celebrate? It would be hard to find a cooler rich friend than that. You could end up in The Water-Boy 3 and end up with an awesome ride to boot.

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Celebrities You Would Want To Be Friends With