Carly Rae Jepsen Backs out of Concert over Anti-Gay Issues

The music concert is scheduled to take place in July this year. Carly would have been one of the leading stars at the event. The Canadian singer has made quite a name and has won accolades for the marvelous way in which she sings and draws crowds. The music concert is going to miss her presence. When Carly performs, hundreds of people turn up – she is a crowd puller.

Carly revealed her feelings and decision on her twitter account. She is known to tweet on a regular basis and express her feelings through this particular medium from time to time. She spoke about her feelings on anti-gay policies and how terrible she thought these were. She says that in her opinion, one has to make a strong stand to create an impact to end such policies and mindsets. That is why she has decided not to be seen performing at this concert, even though it would have benefited her to do so.

What made Carly take the decision of course was a petition brought out by Derek Nance against this particular event. The petition was brought out on the website where it was mentioned that the organizers were against any kind of participation by gay people. The petition is still doing the rounds of the Internet. It has acquired as many as sixty thousand signatures from all over America and will continue to gather even more in the future.

The gay movement is acquiring a firm foothold in the US with more and more people coming out with their gay identities. There are awareness campaigns about the rights of gay people. Straight people from the mainstream are also advocating the rights of the gays. This has provided the gay rights movement a huge fillip. People have really been able to make their voices heard through petitions online like the one brought out by Derek Nance.

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Carly Rae Jepsen Backs out of Concert over Anti-Gay Issues