Captain America vs Iron Man: 5 Reasons Each Can Win Marvel's Civil War

The Civil War is upon us! Soon brothers and sisters will turn their backs on each other in favor of the side they believe is right. Both sides make very convincing arguments, and both sides have their faults, but they can’t both win. After the bloodshed and tears only one will remain standing as the champion. Friends will fight! Lovers will quarrel! Now pick your sides and fight for what you believe in; Team Iron Man or Team Captain America!

If you can’t tell we are psyched for Captain America: Civil War. It looks like everything we’ve ever wanted in super hero movies. Beautiful people doing cool stunts, drama as good friends come to blows, moral ambiguity as both sides make really convincing points, and obviously Spider-Man. This movie really has everything.

After the first round of debates about which superhero would win in a fight ended with the lackluster Batman vs Superman, we get to do it all over again with Iron Man vs Captain America. So who would win? Brains or Brawn, Old or New, High Tech or No Tech, Man or Suit? Soon enough we will have a real answer, but until then the debates will rage. Here are 5 reasons why each team will win.

12 Captain America

11 He Won’t Back Down 


Cap is tenacious as hell. The dude can literally fight all day if he has to (see what we did there? 'Cause he says he can do this all day in the movie? Never mind, forget it). Captain America isn’t going to back down in a fight as long as he believes he is on the right side. He’s the kind of dude who will argue with you for days over which Godfather movie was better. We’ve seen his resilience time and time again, and no matter what the odds are he will always do what (he thinks) is right and will never give up. This is something that he will always have over Tony, who is known to kinda give up a lot. When things get tough for Cap he’ll keep fighting, when things get tough for Tony he goes out and gets doughnuts or something.

10 He’s Self-sufficient 


While Iron Man relies on something as unreliable as computers, Captain America only really needs his fists. We’ve seen a ton of ways to take Iron Man out of commission for a battle; an EMP, flying too high up, some guy wearing a similar suit, or just by running out of batteries. Hell a well-placed glass of water could take the suit out of commission. Cap doesn’t have to worry about any of that stuff, the only way to beat him is to physically knock him out, like out-out. He has to stop breathing to stop fighting while Iron Man will stop if his computer malfunctions, and if I know anything about computers (which I don't) it's that they malfunction a lot. He also no longer has trusty J.A.R.V.I.S. to help him out, who’s been the real power behind Iron Man from the first movie. Putting it bluntly, in a fight between Steve Rodgers (no shield) and Tony Stark (no suit), Steve wins 10/10 times.

9 He Has Dealt With Real Loss 


It’s been an issue throughout the movies that nobody dies. There’s no better example than Agent Coulson, who became both Iron Man and Captain America’s rallying point after Loki kills him in The Avengers. However, Coulson was just a guy to both of them, a friend maybe, but not someone they truly cared for. Tony has yet to have a friend die at any point in the movies. He almost watched Pepper die, but it turned out she had super powers so she was fine. On the other hand Captain America has dealt with this, a lot. He watched his best friend fall from a train, off a cliff, and had to keep fighting. Everyone he has ever loved is dead, and he keeps fighting. From loss he finds strength. It’s a gift most people don’t have, and we don’t know if Iron Man does. It looks like Tony might suffer his first true loss with Rhodes (maybe) in this movie, and how he reacts could be the turning point. If he’s too angry he’ll lose, and if he’s too sad he’ll lose. Cap knows how to fight when something like this happens to him, let’s see if Tony does.

8 Scarlet Witch 


Scarlet Witch is potentially the most powerful of anyone in the entire Avengers crew. The only reason that the fight isn’t over already is because she doesn’t even know the extent of her powers in the movies yet. These could easily be coerced out of her as she has to fight people that she considers “friends,” most notably Vision whom she marries in the comics. She has incredible abilities that could change the face of the universe, and mind control powers will prove extremely useful in Civil War. Having her on the team is the equivalent of a military having a nuke; it’s devastating and should only be used in dire circumstances, but it will be flaunted to show how much power they have.

7 He’s A Soldier 


We can hear you say “so what” through your computer screen. So he’s a soldier, how is that such a big reason as to why Cap can beat Iron Man? Well in times of war there are a few things that people don’t think about; strategy and leadership. Cap is an expert at both of these. He’s proven himself to be the more capable team leader and an expert tactician keeping a calm head during alien and robot invasions, while doling out responsibilities to the likes of Hulk and Thor. Iron Man on the other hand pretty much works alone and hasn’t ever shown the ability to really strategically plan 3 or 4 steps ahead of an opponent in a fight, often relying on overpowering them instead of tactically taking the upper hand. Captain America has been trained in combat, while Iron Man just knows how to tell a computer to aim and shoot. Tony will win a couple battles like this, but no single battle can end a war, something Captain America knows first hand.

6 Iron Man

5 Iron Man Wins In The Book 


We just wanted to get this one out of the way early. In the comics Iron Man kinda wins. Wins is a weird word to use because Captain America has the complete upper hand and surrenders when he realizes that he’s fighting against the best interest of the general population. That could easily be how this movie ends… if the movie wants to follow in the footsteps of the book then yes, Iron Man will win. Chances are the writers have their own ideas for an ending, but don’t rule this out as a possibility.

4 Government Support 


Iron Man will have full government support in his fight with Captain America. This means that he will have funding, a military, and surveillance at his fingertips. Remember how tough Hydra made it for Cap and Black Widow in Winter Soldier? Well multiply that by like a million because this time pretty much the entire government is on board and the enemies will be a lot tougher than Robert Redford (no offense to him). The one thing that Iron Man didn’t have in earlier movies is the support of those with more assets than he did, and now he will. Steve and his team better watch their backs. The government is powerful, don't underestimate their support.

3 He’s Not Wrong 


Iron Man is a good dude and won’t do anything too bad. Yea he accidentally made Ultron, and yea he kinda ticked off his rival so much that an entire terrorist organization came to be, but those weren’t supposed to be malicious acts. Tony isn’t the bad guy; he actually cares way more about people than his rival. Captain America isn’t bothered as much about the death toll of innocents from when they saved the world; he was more interested in the millions of lives they saved. Iron Man on the other hand was devastated. He suffered from PTSD after the battle in New York and blames himself for Ultron. It’s natural that he feels that there should be limits, that "heroes" should be monitored, that guys like him shouldn’t be able to do this stuff if it hurts others. But Cap (always the soldier) looks at the bigger picture thinking that all freedom is sacred and sometimes you have to fight wars for it, and in war comes sacrifice. The disaster in Sokovia at the hands of Ultron is Tony’s fault, and all he wants is to accept the punishment he deserves, and stop it from ever happening again.

2 A Superior Team 


Iron Man’s team is significantly better than Cap’s. Take a look at Cap's squad. First is Hawkeye; Black Widow is better than Hawkeye one on one so he's done. Ant-Man is out of his depth and untrained in this style of combat (being small doesn't help dodge lasers with targeting systems) yet he’s a bigger asset than Falcon. We don’t know why Agent 13 was even in early promotions; she’s basically disappeared from the team and would be mostly useless. Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier are both mentally unstable, to a severe degree. Meanwhile Iron Man has a fleet of suits at his command (probably), along with a second, experienced, pilot who would take a bullet for Tony. He’s got the Vision who singlehandedly killed Ultron, plus he has an infinity stone in his forehead. Then he’s got Black Panther AND Spider-Man who are both heavy hitters in the comics, though we haven’t seen their full potential yet. If Iron Man can find a way to make sure they neutralize Scarlet Witch, it’s over.

1 Money 


Add the new government funding to Tony’s already insurmountable fortune and you have enough money to probably feed the world. Too bad they're just gonna spend it all on catching one dude. Part of the reason Batman is so powerful and able to fight the likes of Superman is because he can afford the equipment to do so. Tony doesn’t have to fight Superman, but has the same kind of money. To beat his foes, Tony has the resources to build hundreds of different Iron Man suits, which all utilize a synthesized element, and a very rare metal. Not to mention manpower to design them and a host of very expensive weapons built in. And then he can tailor them specifically for who he's fighting, I mean think about the Hulk Buster armor that must have cost millions, but he didn't care. He’ll pay for that all on his own and upgrade the weapons and armor of his entire team while he’s at it. Captain’s team will not have that luxury as their richest teammate is working on military wages. Money is a major asset that won’t be overlooked.

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Captain America vs Iron Man: 5 Reasons Each Can Win Marvel's Civil War